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Dragging Both Parties Into the Light

The Gross National Debt

Thanks to the 400+ people who came out to our Organizational Meeting at the Civic Center On August 15. We appreciate the Support. There will be more protests, including the Sept 12 Rally In Washington DC. We will be putting information on the site about several options to get to DC on the cheap.  However, if you can get there…get there. This is history in the making.

Right now protests are a “rear guard action” until we can get leaders in DC that understand our principles. That is our long term goal. Keep asking questions like this…we have them on the run. My recent op-ed in the Roanoke Times. Not only are your wallets being emptied, your rights are under assault at every turn. Check out this video on gun control. We have to keep up the pressure on the idiots that are running our country until we can get real leaders back in DC. Here’s a great way to do this…a permanent link for this is available in the link section.

As an organization, we will soon be a Non-Profit. We have an Ad Hoc Board of Directors selected and we rolled out the 4 principles that we expect from elected officials.



1. Rule of Constitutional Law and National Sovereignty

2. Limited Government based on 10th Amendment Federalism

3. Private Property and Free Market Economics

4. Individual Liberties

We now have 5 Committees that are actively working to make a difference.

Accountability Committee: Compiling information on political activities and voting records of all candidates

Events Committee: Planning additional events including protests, rallies etc.

Outreach and Funds: We think our principles should appeal to all Americans. We plan on reaching out to all groups with this message. We also need money to further all of our causes. This group would focus on these issues.

Organizational Committee: Recruiting and building groups to affiliate with our movement. We have groups involved in the tea party who are concerned with specific issues. We hope to create a coalition of groups who support our principles so we can unite and create a huge group to further our principles.

Campaign Committee: To provide information and support to potential candidates who support our principles. To help impact elections through voter registration and other activities.

Nancy Pelosi and the Dems think that the movement that is derailing their agenda is coming from an organized group. We are not.  Imagine the power we will wield when we really are organized. That’s our goal. More to come once we complete our initial action items.

Please contact us (info on the tab above) if you want to help. Just because you weren’t there Saturday…doesn’t mean you can’t help.

Democrats can’t fathom the fact that this movement is truly organic. We have no sponsors. Everything that we do is funded by anonymous cash donations.  And we have to scrape together every thing we do from a $ perspective. Once we get non-profit status, some of that will be easier.

We’re not complaining. It’s good to be poor because we are beholden to no one. We are free to speak the truth. Join us now and make the powers that be pay for their ignorance. And the payment they owe us is simple. They need to be voted out of office and politicians who support We The People need to be elected.  That is our goal…that is our mission. For your sake, for your families sake, for this nation’s sake…..WE CANNOT FAIL! Recent footage of Dems bashing protesters. Nancy Pelosi just called me a Nazi. Obama telling you to shut up.

Obama talked about scare tactics and that he doesn’t “want to kill gramma.” OK…reconcile the rhetoric with this… or this…. Lies. Lies And more Lies….Obama said today he has never supported Single Payer (Socialized Medicine) Here is evidence where he flat out says he does Obama and other explain how the current bill is just a stepping stone to socialized medicine.

More Lies…and they wonder why we are mad! This recent column really says it all.

Here’s a good video showing what really happened at the Bedford Tea Party Rally

Info on additional Town Hall Meetings in the As The Kettle Boils Section Below.

The Democrat leadership in Washington is the single biggest reason we are in the mess we’re in today. The GOP played a role, banks played a role, others played a role….but Dems have the dirtiest hands of all.

Some people have expressed a concern about getting involved…people are getting scared. When the government fears the people we have liberty. When the people fear government we have tyranny.
Let the DNC know this is no astroturf movement….and that we are armed with the truth…and the Constitution…and common sense.   No matter how hard you “hit us” we will never give up!

Politicians generally have 2 goals.

Get Elected

Stay Elected.

We The People hold the success of those 2 goals in our hands. It’s time to make sure we are doing that. Make them fear us!

It’s time to teach Washington and Richmond about the power of We The People.

Tea Party members attended the town hall meeting with Rep. Periello. There were about 500 people jammed in the Bedford Elementary school. Probably 450 who were vocally opposing Periello’s liberal agenda. The crowd was  well behaved (I was probably the loudest person their…but that’s just me…I have a big mouth) Here’s the Channel 10 report…

A few take aways.

Periello pledged that he would not vote for the current Health Care Plan without changes. But said he did hope they could make the needed changes.

He said he would not vote for any health care bill that had funded abortions with public money (that should preclude his vote on any version since that piece will likely not come out….let’s see if he keeps that promise)

He said he wants more competition and (naively) thinks that the current bill won’t necessarily lead to true Socialized Medicine.

The crowd was very well versed in the bill and quoted chapter and verse. I almost felt bad for him a couple of times as person after person (there were probably 80 speakers politely and forcefully ripped to shreds any illusions about this monstrous piece of legislation.

The small contingent of ObamaCare supporters didn’t say much, waved their signs at the right times, and didn’t seem terribly surprised Periello wasn’t voting for the bill.  These poor people are just so clueless, as their representative kept agreeing with us on opposing specific pieces of the current bill they had come out to support. I still don’t know if they ever really got it.

Cap And Trade came up. The crowd booed loudly. Periello tried to dance around his vote. He looked ridiculous trying to defend the indefensible.

I’ve got some video….I’ll post tomorrow.

Shocking Video! Did the Union act stupidly Mr. Obama!!!!

To get you pumped up…here are some recent links on topics of the day that will just make your blood boil. Just when you think the Administration and Congress can’t get any worse…they find ways to top themselves.

Here’s your stimulus $ at work…. And people wonder why we don’t trust the government.

Oregon already has a government health care option. Here’s a preview of what’s to come if the bill passes. Don’t become Barbara Wanger.

Here’s the complete text of the Health Care bill in a searchable format…

YOU MUST VIEW THIS…funny and enlightening.

Great Questions…Nice to see AARP cares about the people who pay their salaries.

Obama’s own Dr. say the plan can’t work.

Imagine this…Now we are called angry mobs. Well if you are not angry…YOU ARE NOT PAYING ATTENTION.

Here, NBC lets you know what they really think of you. This is maddening.

Don’t let them fool you Socialized Health Care = Single Payer. Barney admits this is the goal.

Here’s more on the broken promises and the absolute insanity of the health care bill before Congress.

The party of the people. Arresting Senior Citizens for asking questions

The messiah does not even know what’s in his own bill he’s ramming down our throats. Must see video.

Health Care “reform” will likley at least be delayed. Way to get the word out peeps!

And even some in the MSM are starting to change their tune…I said some…

We are winning even the MSM is starting to pick out the Dems lies…

And last but not least…hypocrisy, thy name is Nancy Pelosi.

150 came out to 315 Church Avenue to meet the folks from Patients First, an affiliation of Americans for Prosperity,  discuss Health Care Reform!

Look for pictures soon!

Roanoke Tea Party in bristol to "educate" the president

Roanoke Tea Party in bristol to "educate" the president

Coordinating with a national effort, Patriots in the Roanoke Valley went by Senator Webb AND Warner’s Roanoke Offices starting at Noon  on Friday July 17th.

Coordinating with Franklin County Patriots, the Roanoke Tea Party paid a visit to both Senators’ Offices resulting in @ 50 people making their voices heard!

Erik Kritter from Virtual Franklin County was able to cover the event.

Some pics.

A bad day for the Webb/Warner Staff...defending the undefendable.

A bad day for the Webb/Warner Staff...defending the undefendable.


A cold day in hell…give this guy a medal!

Here’s a video clip of some of the protests.




The Roanoke Times also covered the event but unfortunately managed to miss the large groups that had gathered at both offices at picture time. We had planned on two different groups visiting the senators’ offices at different times!



It’s time to teach Washington and Richmond about the power of We The People.  Video from July 4th. We are getting powerful!

Plus hate crimes legislation…say goodbye to states rights and free speech in one fell swoop.






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