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Why is Governor McDonnell part of this!?!?

I received this email from Danny Goad yesterday about the Council of Governors. I share his concern about our governors participation in this Council.

I, like many, are concerned this could be used destroy our Constitutional rights. Here is a very detailed analysis of this Executive Order and what it likely means. The fact that our newly elected governor has agreed to this is very disturbing.

Here’s Danny’s Email. I urge you to call the governor and demand answers. Our new Governor needs to understand that his party affiliation means nothing to the Tea Party movement. We need answers NOW.

I have called the governor’s office to inquire about why he is participating in this and what legal justification is there.  Also, since the 17th amendment changed so that states had have no representation in the federal legislature that he should work to have the 17th amendment repealed.

The Governor’s number is (804)786-2211.

When I called them they seemed totally unversed on the subject. I finally had to leave a message with a policy representative.

Thanks for your help.



Update: Here is the message I sent to the Governor today. You can send him a message too at this link.

Governor McDonnell,

You have agreed to serve on President Obama’s Council of Governors. This Executive Order from the President is troubling and seems to be an attempt by the Federal government to gain even more control over states, in the guise of emergency management.

I voted for you sir, and I believe that you understand that the 10th Amendment is being trampled over by the Federal Government on a daily basis. 

I, and the rest of the Roanoke Tea Party, need to understand why you are participating in this Council, given the grave Constitutional issues raised by this Executive Order. Unless, you can provide us with some justification for your participation, we would respectfully ask you to pull out of the Council of Governors as soon as possible.

We eagerly await your reply.

 Chip Tarbutton


Roanoke Tea Party

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