In response to a comment on a recent post, I wrote a response that I think encapsulated the main points around the Constitutional issues/10th Amendment issues.  I have taken the post (with a few minor edits) and put it here as an educational tool for our membership.

Why I’m a 10ther

A recent post lambasted our obsession with the Constitutional issues and stated in part that Health Care reform was the least of our worries…according to the poster (who interestingly enough had a CIA email address), we should be thankful brave politicians like Periello stood up to the Big greedy insurance conglomerates….yada yada yada. Same liberal pablum you’ve heard for years…

Here was my response with a few edits…

“Health care reform is about money and freedom. It is going to wreck the best health care system in the world, instead of fixing it’s warts, have the government control 1/6 of the US economy and destroy the Constitution. I would say that that constitutes something to be very worried about.

Insurance companies aren’t the biggest issue and their ads haven’t somehow caused millions of people across the country to join the tea party movement. Special interest groups advertise positions all of the time….what you are seeing is an unprecedented paradigm shift in the US body politic. From being sheep…to rising up and taking control of our country back.

The Republicans biggest mistake in fighting the health care bill was not focusing more on the Constitutional issue. All of the bad things that are in the bill are certainly worthy of disdain, but it is a moot point if the whole concept of the bill violates the 10th Amendment of the Constitution. Now it looks like a ploy…since they lost the legislative fight.

The Constitution matters. The bill requires people to purchase something. The Feds are using the Commerce Clause that allows the US government to regulate interstate commerce as their justification for usurping states rights that are laid out in the 10th Amendment. But if I choose not to buy health care coverage, there is no commerce. So how can you use the commerce clause for that? It makes zero sense and that is why the bill is patently unconstitutional.

The Roanoke Tea Party has always been focused on the Constitutional issues and if you were to review past blog entries on our site….you’ll see it is a recurring theme. That is why, while others were focused on the bills specific language, we and other Tea Party groups were in Richmond helping to get the Health Care Freedom Act passed so that the state has the basis in place to fight constitutional issue in the Federal Court system and through nullification at the state level.

The Constitution matters. As big of a deal as the health care bill is, it pales in comparison to the long term negative affect of allowing this law to stand. Because if the Federal Government can compel you to purchase something against your will with the threat of fine or imprisonment, that destroys the last vestige of constraint on the Federal government. It destroys the very contract that we have between the government and the governed. The 10th Amendment matters. The US Constitution matters.That is why I am proud to call myself a 10ther.

The real sheeple are those that will allow the Federal Government to have practically dictatorial powers…and not expect them at some point to use that power to control the US citizenry. Socialists know they can’t push their agenda through democratically…so they will cram it down our throats…just like they did with Obamacare.

I am appalled by what happened to Periello and to Eric Cantor as well. But Periello is a typical politician. He was put into power with a huge infusion of DNC cash, He is beholden to Nancy Pelosi. He knows that his support of Cap and Trade has already damned him forever with conservatives…so he voted for health care to secure his base. Now he’ll run a campaign trumpeting his political courage. Hogwash.

I respect your passion, but you are misinformed. Hopefully, you can keep reading our site material and get your facts straight.

Chip Tarbutton
Roanoke Tea Party

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