The Roanoke Tea Party is delighted to announce that we are endorsing Mike Powell for Roanoke City Council.

At a press conference today (April 13) The Roanoke Tea Party endorsed Mike Powell in the upcoming Roanoke City Council elections.

The following statement was delivered by Tea Party President Chip Tarbutton at the press conference:

Thanks to the members of the media for coming out to this afternoon’s press conference. As you know, the Roanoke Tea Party is celebrating our 1 year anniversary on Thursday. We will be marking this occasion with a rally at Elmwood Park in Downtown Roanoke from 5:30 – 7:30 PM. For everyone out there who has had enough and wants to get involved this event is for them. We are ready, we have a plan and Thursday you can enlist. With your help, we will win.

It has been a tremendous year of growth for the Roanoke Tea Party, thanks to the outstanding support of concerned citizens from across the Roanoke Valley. Our mission is to promote political leaders at all levels of government that support our agenda of:

  • Fiscal Responsibility
  • Support of Free Markets
  • Individual Rights
  • And support of the Constitution

We believe that government at the Federal, State and Local levels must return to these simple core values that the vast majority of our citizens cherish.

We are excited to be in a position as an organization to begin actively endorsing candidates who we are confident can help promote those goals. We are honored today to offer the endorsement of the Roanoke Tea Party to Mike Powell in his candidacy for Roanoke City Council.

As a small business, owner Mike understands the importance of low taxes and understands the meaning of fiscal responsibility. Mike has solid ideas for restoring sanity to the budget of the city. Most importantly, we believe Mike has the integrity and character to restore confidence in Roanoke City Council.

You will have a chance to meet Mike at the Tax Day rally at Elmwood Park on Thursday. He will speak twice during the rally and will be available for meet and greet all evening.

We feel sure that once you meet him and hear him speak, you will share the enthusiasm the Board feels for this impressive young man.

Look for coverage of this news on WDBJ and Fox Radio 910, and in The Roanoke Star-Sentinel and The Roanoke Times.

Here is video of the conference.

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