Roanoke Tea Party Inc.What a great day…with over 1000 participants at it’s peak. We will be working on getting the video from the rally. Thanks to all of the volunteers who came out and helped make this such a smooth running event.

All of our speakers did a great job…but a few highlights:

Mike Powell:

He did a fantastic job and we need to do everything we can do to help him with Roanoke City Campaign. Click here for his website. While Mike is too nice a gentleman to say it, the GOP’s support of this candidate is ridiculously low. But the support he received yesterday might be enough to convince the GOP to increase their support.

Either way…he needs our support. We will be conducting several events between now and May 4 to promote Mike. Stay tuned. In any event, if you can give him a few dollars…please do. If you can volunteer…please do….

A big win on May 4th would do more for Roanoke City and for the Roanoke Tea Party then anything else we can do…

Sonnie Johnson:

If you didn’t get a chance to hear her speak, you really missed out. This may have been the best speech I have ever heard, and this is the first time she has spoken before a large crowd. This woman has a future as a motivational speaker. Here is information on the Frederick Douglas Foundation who she represents.

We have the speech captured on video…I can’t wait to share this video with the world.

Rachel Bandy:

She gave a very good speech, and we are excited about seeing her documentary film on the Roanoke Tea Party.

This will be premiered at Hollins University on April 30th at 7:00 PM. The screening is free of charge, and several members of The Roanoke Tea Party are interviewed as part of this documentary.

Jenice Pearl:

If you left early, you missed her and her family performing their patriotic song, Rise Up America. This song is amazing…and another song/video that is just waiting to go viral.

We are the Roanoke Tea Party and we have a plan…and we need your help.

First step in that plan is gettng Mike Powell on City Council. (Did I mention that already?) So please do everything you can individually to help him out.

Here is some of the media coverage:

WDBJ 7 news report

Roanoke Times Article….it was a fair story…although Mason got the number of participants at around 5:45 PM (it was about 500 when we talked…) There were about a 1000 at it’s peak around 6:15PM.

Roanoke Free Press Some good pictures and a video…although that is Greg Aldridge on the video…not Chip Tarbutton…Greg is much more suave than I. :-)

As for Dan Casey and his sad little blog, Tea Party posters are the only thing that is driving anyone to read him…so I would advise all Tea Party posters to avoid his blog…he doesn’t need any extra publicity.

Chip Tarbutton

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