Discover how the Freedom For Virginians Act (FFVA) will protect Virginians from Federal Tyranny.

Saturday, October 23, 2010 at 7:00 PM.

Parker’s Seafood-Roanoke

$40 per person $70 per couple


Sonnie Johnson

Frederick Douglas Foundation

Mike Powell

Tea Party Candidate for City Council

Gregory Aldridge

Author of the FFVA

Seating is Limited – RSVP to

Chip Tarbutton’s speech at the Tea Party Convention speaks to the need for state rights and interposition against the Federal government. Help us show Richmond we demand our freedoms now by signing the online petition in support of the FFVA.

Prominent GOP lawyer/activist  Pat McSweeney’s recently spoke at the 2nd Tuesday Constitution meeting and gave the following supportive speech towards nullification.
“…..Virginia had said as a matter of policy, we are interposing ourselves between the federal government and the individuals in this state….

He favors court action because “what Congress did overreached and went beyond their Constituitonal power.  If we win, we don’t have to worry about nullification, that’s something down the road.”

We assert that we should not be relying on Federal courts to decide cases they have no jurisdiction in….and the Federal Courts have no jusrisdiction in regards to Virginia’s sovereign right to nullify unconstitutional Federal laws.

Support the FFVA now! So we can all wake up in a Commonwealth were the Constitution is truly in affect.

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