We had a very interesting meeting last night. We covered many of the legislative items coming before the General Assembly in 2011. We did some basic lobby training (which you can review here) and went over some of the legislation that will be up before the legislature. Our goal is to do an even better job in 2011 of lobbying our local delegates and state senators on key legislative items.

A list of key legislative items can be found at this site http://va10thamendment.org/legislation. I urge you to sign up for updates as they do a great job of keeping us informed when bills get put before committees so we know when and who to target for lobbying.

We also have a series of blog posts in regards to key pieces of legislation. This post has links to the major ones… There are a lot of great legislative ideas on this year’s docket but the effort to stop Agenda 21 usually gets more attention than the rest.  Once you realize the ramifications of “sustainable development” you too will want to demand that our legislators repeal HB3202 and put a stop to Agenda 21 in Virginia.

This culminates in a trip to lobby day on January 17th in Richmond to go in person to visit our local legislators. We have a good list of prospective travelers….if you are interested please let me know at chip.tarbutton@gmail.com so we can organize transportation etc.

WDBJ7 covered the event and did an interview with me…we’ll post a link when they put it on their site.

We still haven’t heard back from Congressman Goodlatte’s people in regards to the onerous Food Safety bill. If you aren’t familiar with this awful piece of unconstitutional Federal overreach….read this article. And note that 15 GOP Senators voted for this…so much for a different Congress.

I called Congressman Goodlatte’s local office 2 days ago and they did not have an opinion on this bill.  We need our Congressman to get out front on issues like this and lead the opposition.  We urge you to contact Congressman Goodlatte’s office and let them know that he needs to vocally oppose S510…his contact information is below.

DC office # (202) 225-5431

Roanoke office # (540) 857-2672

Here is a link for you to leave an email for Congressman Goodlatte.

We will be having a protest on the Food Safety Bill (probably on Wednesday December 8) at lunch time outside of the Suntrust Building in downtown Roanoke, where Congressman Goodlattte’s Roanoke office is located.

More details to come very soon.

The 8th District race is heating up with both candidates weighing in on the ABC Privatization issue. Both Mumpower and Habeeb are against it now. The Roanoke Tea Party is also opposed to the current plan. If the state wants to privatize, they need to privatize it completely. If social concerns lead to some sort of highly regulated quasi-privatization, we would be better off with the current process as otherwise would likely have the worst of all possible worlds.

We have met with Greg Habeeb and he is willing to debate Ginger Mumpower under just about any circumstance. As of today, Ms. Mumpower has not responded to any of our attempts to contact her. We certainly would like to meet with the Democratic candidate. Hopefully, as her campaign winds up next week, she’ll find time to get back with us. We would like to speak to Ms. Mumpower before releasing our analysis of the race. We would also like to host a forum for the candidates to discuss the issues of the day.

The ball is in Ginger’s court.

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