The planning commission met last night to get public input on the Poor Mountain Wind Farm Boondoggle. Specifically the zoning regulations have to be changed to accommodate the wind farm. No zoning changes…no wind farm.

The meeting lasted 3.5 hours. Your humble spokesperson was about to fall asleep so he left after speaking.  Sorry.

Here’s the channel 7 update featuring brief clips of a couple of our members.

It was a lively exchange but the majority of the speakers spoke against this and touched on most of the major issues we have documented here and here.

On state news, the budget has been passed and before the governor. We have a “win” for Roanoke with Senator John Edwards’ bus to Lynchburg getting funded by the state for abut $150,000.

This is a relatively small but important example of the kind of state sponsored boondoggle that has caused budgets to explode in Richmond for decades.

A full explanation of this travesty is here, but long story short, there will be a subsidized bus trip from Roanoke to Lynchburg that will cost the tax payers $74 dollars per rider…and riders pay only $4 per trip.

Just so we can try to convince the government there is a market for the government subsidized AMTRAK to bring that boondoggle of a service to Roanoke that costs us all $1.5 billion a year keeping that unprofitable business afloat.

But we now soon can catch a bus to Lynchburg for $4. Woo Hoo!

It’s almost as if the state budget wasn’t in a crisis. Will voters wake up an realize this type of largess is not helpful or will people reelect their reps based on how much bacon they can bring home to their districts?

If we are going to save this nation from fiscal ruin, we all have to step up and say no.

The voters will have a chance to decide in November. I’m praying they make the right choice and send John Edwards to a well deserved retirement from public service.

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