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The forum went well last night. We did film the event so we hope to do something with this information so more people can see this forum and make a judgement on the candidates.

Butch Church-David Drake-Carter Turner

The Virginia Tea Party Network Radio team will be out of town this weekend. But never fear, we recorded our radio show last night after the forum and we did an in depth analysis of the debate which you can hear this Saturday at noon on Fox Radio 910 AM or on . If you couldn’t make it to the forum, please tune in and hear more about this…

Here is the report from the Roanoke Times. Listen on Saturday for more.

For your consideration, I give you an excerpt from this article on the 10th Amendment Center. I was at a meeting recently where I was urged to be willing to compromise to ensure we “win” in November. We need to get people to wake up and realize that just electing candidates with an “R” behind their names is not enough. The article this excerpt was lifted from was in response to a comment that this group was so pure, that they would never be able to “win.”

This is the same group we are trying to get here for the Nullify Now Tour. We need desperately to educate people on the Constitution and how to fight back against the feds. And just electing a politician (with a few exceptions) is not going to do it. Instead of pumping money into another campaign. how about helping us get the nullification tour here and help us start the grassroots movement we need to do to get back to the Constitution. Click here to help.

Michael takes it from here:

“The fact of the matter, though, is this – both sides have allowed, turned a blind eye to, and even actively promoted massive constitutional violations for far too long.

Year in and year out, politicians tell us that there’s some kind of emergency, real or pretended, and they need to have new powers to prevent all kinds of horrors and death.

Corporate Bailouts, Social Security, Environmental Regulations, the Patriot Act, the Department of Energy, Wars in Vietnam, Iraq, and elsewhere, the Department of Education, Massive Military Spending, the Department of Energy, Foreign Aid, the War on Drugs, FEMA, the FDA and too much more to list – have all been sold to us on fear. And all of them are unconstitutional.

When you allow politicians to bend the rules of the constitution or break them outright – even if it’s for a good reason, or to hopefully stop some outcome YOU are afraid of – and you let them do it year in and year out for decades – sooner or later you’ll end up with politicians who feel that the rules, the constitution that is, don’t apply at all.

And if we’re not already there today, we’re pretty damn close.

That’s why I vehemently reject our commenter’s opposition to being a purist. Oppose the ideas, maybe. Disagree with the principles, sure. But oppose a position because it might not be a winner? Never.

That’s why our motto here at the Tenth Amendment Center is so simple. The Constitution. Every issue, every time. No exceptions, no excuses.

I’m hoping that you, like me, are sick and tired of people who advocate winning above all else. “Winning” is what’s gotten us where we are today, and “winning”’ has really been losing for all of us.

Like my parents used to tell my brother and I when we fought as children – “you’re both wrong” – it’s time for people who love liberty to do the same to democrats and republicans alike.

Both sides have been wrong for far too long. And every day we tolerate it for the sake of winning, we add one more link to the chains of our own shackles.

Michael Boldin: Founder of the Tenth Amendment Center.”


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