“A government is an entity which holds the monopolistic right to initiate force,” This is the kind of thinking we are up against.

I was out of town this weekend. When I got back home, I saw two things that turned my head, and my stomach.

I turned on the football game and what was the first thing I see. Jim Webb doing a TV commercial for John Edwards. Jim Webb calling Edwards a leader…repeatedly. I threw up in my mouth a little bit.

Jim Webb knows as much about leadership as Casey Anthony knows about responsible parenting. Jim Webb, who voted in almost total lock step with Obama’s socialist agenda including voting for Obamacare, is lecturing people on leadership and still tries to pass himself off as his own man? During his last few years in office he’s acted  like the dog in the old RCA ad, listening for his masters voice (Reid and Obama) and doing whatever they wished.

I presume he understood leadership during his military service but he sold that out a long time ago. The same can be said for John Edwards.

So it is not surprising that Jim Webb has a strange view of what leadership really is…

John Edwards is indeed leading…

Leading at trying to raise the gas tax. Yeah John Edwards is a leader there.

Leading in promoting Pork barrel projects. Yeah John Edwards is a leader there.

Killing attempts to deal with illegal immigration: Yeah John Edwards is a leader there.

Keeping the budget process behind closed doors so special interest group and back room deals can continue….Yeah John Edwards is a leader there too…

But he is a leader on one more thing. Raising money.  Edwards has raised more money than any state politician in our area. There are powerful and wealthy people and groups in the commonwealth that don’t want things to change. I always think it is funny when Democrats portray themselves the protector of the common man, and then rake in the most corporate money and wealthy donor money.

This is on display at the protests around the country today. These poor ignorant kids keep talking about the evil coroporations and war mongers. And then wanting to ensure Obama gets re-elected. I guess the fact that….

Corporations and are one of the the Democrats biggest contributors.

Corporations continue to pay zero in income tax…as long as the corporations jump through the tax loopholes the politicians set for the corporations so they can keep getting donations. Both parties are guilty. It’s just the Dems are better at selling out than the average GOP politician.

Obama conitnues to aggressively follow the same foreign policy as the Bush Administration. Whatever your feelings on our Iraq/Afghanistan policy, deluding yourself that Obama’s military strategy is materially different than Bush’s is just ignorant of the basic facts. He just used the military to kill a US citizen who is working with terrorist groups. Again, whatever your feelings on the topic, is this not something you would have seen anti-war protesters scream about if W. was still in charge?

Now they are mute.

The leaders of these groups are just using the “useful idiots” for their own purposes. What are those purposes?

They want government to impose social justice whether you want it or not… What is social justice? The short answer is whatever your government wants it to be.The sign at the top of this article says it all..“A government is an entity which holds the monopolistic right to initiate force,” This is the kind of thinking we are up against.

They feel the need to impose their will on us…for social justice. And these dopey college educated idiots will march right along with this as they march our Republic off of a cliff.

Which is why the 3rd principle of American Government is so crtical.

3. Individuals cannot delegate to government, authorities they do not have themselves. (I.E. if you can’t force your neighbor to “share the wealth”  individuals cannot vest government with that right.)

Political types don’t like this one very much. As it gets in the way of  ”fixing” things. But if we abide by this, we would be well served as the founders intended. Based on the statement by the NC Governor, the thought of imposing a socialist paradise is always just a crisis away.

Whether you consider your self a Republican, a Conservative, a libertarian, a Tea Partier, a Constitutionalist or any other “ist” it is time to realize that the enemy’s of freedom are growing bolder every day.  And just winning the next election isn’t enough. We have to start getting people to wake up to the danger that is happening all around us…at every level.

Retiring John Edwards is a noble goal. But this battle has to be fought at every level of government. And every day…When are you going to get into the fight? You can start on Oct 6 at our next meeting.

6:30 PM Holiday Inn Tanglewood.

We will be laying out some action plans on various initiatives. We have a plan and we need your help.

More food for thought. Check out this series of interviews at the Youtube link at the end of this post, It is entertaining to see this thoughtful libertarian absolutely run circles around these Ivy League quasi intellectuals. But at around 5 minutes, listen to the self important twit with the glasses try to justify violence for social justice. It is sad, funny and disturbing at one time.

I am confident Lenin’s useful idiots in 1917 were just as idealistic….and just as uninformed, immoral and clueless.

When you have no definable principles you are naturally and easily lead astray.

My daughter told me a story about one of her classmates (she is in 11th grade). There was a reference to the tree of life in some literature her class read. When asked where that reference came from, one of her schoolmates proudly explained they talked all about the tree of life in the movie Avatar.

My daughter was truly shocked by her ignorance (thank goodness).

But as I reminded her…

How would she know about the creation story in the Bible if she never went to church?

How would you have any sense of a moral code, if you have never been taught one?

How can you understand individual liberty and the 4 core principles of American society when your schools barely discuss the Declaration of Independence at all?

How can you understand the Constitution if you never had to learn about it?

Without some basic moral and civics knowledge, these poor kids float about and glom on to the first piece of intellectual/moral code they stumble upon.

Social Justice and  sustainable development are the religion and moral code of these kids and the majority of Democratic activists. The concept that the ends justify the means for any occasion is their mantra. It is the mob of the French Revolution, but with IPhones, tats and body piercings.

And the result is the ignorance on display in this video, and when you talk to almost any Democratic voter.

Winning an election is NOT going to fix this. It is just one battle in a long war for the soul of America. But we have to win this battle at every level. And make no mistake about the war reference. This is a war and it is about time the people who have a definable moral code and who understand our Republic  stopped ignoring this stuff and got into the battle. And don’t count on the GOP, as a whole to provide leadership here. How many more times do you need to see GOP leaders sell out their principles to know they are paying lip service to the principles we all believe in. And if you as a good Republican voter….if you go along with these compromises….are you really any better than the idiots in this video?

Isn’t the concept of the lesser of two evils just a cousin of the any means necessary mantra of the left? To quote MLK:

“He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it.”

I quote MLK a lot because our battle for the soul of this country is more akin to the Civil Rights movement of the 60′s then anyone wants to admit. And the kids in this video aren’t the good guys. They are, unwittingly, the tools of the oppressive Federal Regime. We are morally and Constitutionally correct and we have to stop being afraid to say these things boldly. Join us in the fight.

Chip Tarbutton

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