What wrong with George Allen? That is a question I get a lot. “He was trying to do the best he could under the circumstances” is certainly not a terribly inspiring campaing motto…but it is all his supporters have when they have to explain his record.

Here is a quick breakdown why I, and many people in the Tea Party movement have issues with George Allen.

It comes down to this, there are major disconnects between his stated positions…and his voting history and past public positions. I have spoken to some Allen supporters who are convinced that he has seen the light. That he is the best man to carry his new found zeal for conservative values.

 There is absolutely nothing to support that contention but his current rhetoric. And even that isn’t always on the mark. Facts are stubborn things… Here are some and please join the facebook page https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Tea-Party-Against-George-Allen/132166593556368

Fiscal Responsibility:

“George Allen believes that any solution to the debt crisis must include ironclad spending cuts, enforceable caps on spending and a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution,” said Allen spokesman Bill Riggs.

OK lets break down some things. While Allen was Senator, (one horrible 6 year term) Allen voted to increase the debt limit 4 times and that added $3.2 trillion in debt to the United States. While President Obama has taken fiscal irresponsibility to an unprecedented level in Federal Government history, Allen (and many other “good” Republicans for that matter) have played a major role in creating the debt problem we have.

In 2006, while Allen was supporting a debt limit increase another Senator was saying this:

“The fact that we are here today to debate raising America’s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. It is a sign that the U.S. Government can’t pay its own bills.”  That Senator was Barrack Obama. So much for rhetoric and how much it means.

In this debt limit vote in 2006, Barrack Obama demonstrated more fiscal rigor than George Allen. Allen voted for increasing the debt limit, Obama opposed it. Facts indeed are stubborn things.

Like many candidates that can’t say no to increasing spending (i.e. Bob Goodlatte), George Allen wrap themselves up in the flag of the balanced budget amendment. I have written on this numerous times, but a balanced budget amendment is the fiscal equivalent of your family agreeing to take Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace class, but making sure they max out their credit cards before taking it.

The Balanced Budget Amendment that is floating around today….

  • Doesn’t have the hard caps Allen speaks of…it has plenty of ways to allow Congress to bypass the Constitutional mandates of the provision.
  • Will still have to pass the Congress and then be ratified by the states….something that will likely take years and could very well fail.
  • Even if it passes, how often does Congress violate the Constitution today? Since the answer is every day, what makes people think that another rule in the Constitution is going to do any good?

To balance the budget, you simply need to elect men and women who understand the Constitutional boundaries of the Federal government and say no to more borrowing. That doesn’t seem to be Allen.

Other Bad Votes

He voted for No Child Left Behind, which has saddled states with these ridiculous Bush era restrictions for years. Any bill crafted by Senator Ted Kennedy should never have been supported by anyone…and this was a train wreck. Not only has it failed miserably, it is a completely unconstitutional act that empowered the unconstitutional Department of Education to continue to “help” with functions it has no constitutional mandate to pursue.

Yes Virginia, the Department of Education is unconstitutional.

Medicare Prescription Part D.

Allen voted for this pre-cursor to Obama care during his 6 year stint in the Senate. Talk about the gift that keeps on giving.

Currently this program is $20 Trillion in the red. And that is in less than a decade.

And did I mention the Federal government has no Contitutional mandate to legislate on prescription drug entitlements (unless I missed something in Article 1 Section 8 of the US Constitution)?

Those are the big items…there are others.

According to Allen supporters,  ”He was a tea party person before the tea party existed.” And when pressed on these and other issues, supporters point out “Look at his votes – he was trying to do the best he could under the circumstances.”

Is this really what we want in this critical time in Virginia’s history? I think we can do better. A lot better. We need someone to go to DC and fight. Not roll over to the way things are. And that IS NOT ALLEN.

Allen had his shot. He failed. He failed to meet our tough expectations and he failed to run an effective re-election campaign. Don’t think his never ending macaca apology tour isn’t going to bite him in the butt in the general election? Then you are dreaming.

It’s time for fresh leadership and we are looking at two better alternatives in Natural Bridge today EW Jackson and Jamie Radkte. Although in my humble opinion, EW Jackson is the clear choice to carry the fight for the Constitution and America into the US Senate. Consider a quick trip up to Natural Bridge this morning and see what real conservatives look like. Information can be found here.

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