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The report below is from Dale, who is a board member of the Roanoke Tea Party. Unfortunately I had a prior engagement and had to leave the event prior to the portion where EW and Jamie talked. Thanks for putting this together Dale.

The goal of this meeting was primarily to allow for one candidate to step forward and be “the one” to challenge the Allen campaign. For more on why many of us want to see Allen lose in the primary, click here.

While I agree with Dale that the event was obviously staged to highlight Jamie’s organizational skills, I have a question Jamie supporters ought to ask. 

Jamie is undoubtebly an effective organizer. Jamie did a fine job in 2010 of pulling together groups like Tertium Quids and Campaign For Liberty ( influential activist groups in Richmond) to form a cooperative legislative agenda (COLA). She also organized a successful statewide tea party convention in October of 2010 that pulled together thousands of tea party supporters.

Based on this record, it would seem Jamie would be the natural choice to challenge George Allen.

Yet look at the landscape one year later.

Those activist groups I mentioned are not supporting Jamie in her Senate run. There are a number of tea party groups that are no longer in the state federation. Why? Our organization had a well documented run in with Jamie’s leadership that we highlighted a bit here and here. But if it was just us, perhaps you could write that off. But the more you know….the more you see this pattern repeating itself.

Jamie Radkte

But ask the question before you get too wrapped up in the Jamie campaign. 

Any how… here is Dale’s report.

Chip Tarbutton

December 4th at the StoneBridge Conference Center, two primary candidates in the VA Republican race for Jim Webb’s Senate seat got together with local Virgina Tea Parties. The Stonebridge center is a great location and any opportunity to get together with like minded political conservatives is a good event.

Jamie Radtke and EW Jackson met to discuss their individual political platforms. The event began at 10 AM. The venue seemed stacked for Jamie. There were signs for her in the parking area and lining the walkway into the Center. The chairs had bumper stickers and other Jamie Radtke support materials. Jamie’s kids distributed Campaign stickers. Candidate criteria was supplied to the audience and the questions followed the criteria that was distributed. There were about 60 to 75 people in attendance.

The questions were not typical. They involved a lot of campaign strategy. How much money has been contributed and what endorsment have you gotten were amoung the questions. The event like the venue seemed to be stacked to point out the organizational accomplishments of Jamie Radtke. E W Jackson arrived late but brought two members of his campaign staff. I and many Roanoke & Salem Tea Party members wore EW Jackson stickers from EW’s staff.

Rick Shafton spoke as a Republican pollster. Mr. Shafton gave a very good talk including why “Republican behave like liberals when they are in Washington.” Charles Kraut was the moderator. He did a good job but the rules were not well set up. The candidates were given the questions in advance and they had no time limitations. The candidates answered about four of the ten questions.

To be fair after the host took time to promote the conference center and Rick Shafton gave his talk, the time was short but adequate for the event.

Jamie presented her credentials well. She came from a military family and she chooses principles over party as she laid out her case for the nomination. Rand Paul and Jim Demint are her congressional models. Jamie would reform our tax code to create an environment for economic and job growth. Jamie is very accomplished. She home schools her children and was very much about organization and the election process. Jamie worked for George Allen and one of the criteria was “Know your opponent and where they stand”. (further evidence of colusion for Jamie Radtke?)

In retrospect I should have asked, did you influence any of Allen’s more shady or questionable votes?


How did you react when he voted for debt increases? Jamie did a lot of name dropping that was lost on this observer as I did not know many of the people mentioned and I do not put much stock in that sort of thing. Jamie feels the stands are the same between her and EW and the difference is in the organization and her skills in this area were evidenct because of things like the the bus emblazzoned with her logo parked in front of the event.

EW Jackson patiently waited while Jamie answered and presented her case. Amoung E W ‘s accomplishments is being a member of the United States Marine Corps, Harvard Law degree, owning a small business, and a conservative church leader. Bishop Jackson quickly showed his level of commitment as he stated, “you need a cause, something you are willing to die for”. If ovations were the measurement of success, Bishop Jackson dominated this event. He clearly has passion for his stands and communcation skills are equal to the office of US Senator from Virginia. EW gave one other response that impressed this observer. EW will meet with the State legislators to take up issues to help the state of VA. This goes a ways toward diluting the 17th amendment.

Any time EW goes to an event I will try to attend. He is a great speaker. I feel this event, with its weight thrown to Jamie Radtke enhanced the performance by EW Jackson. He spoke about one third the time but had twice the effect.

I have not heard or spoken to George Allen but his record is public record. Although Allen could change direction from his past votes, either one of these candidates is superior to George Allen. The real goal is the defeat of Obama spokesman and puppet Tim Kaine.

The replacement must be for a constitutional conservative. Not a tow the line, conservative campaign – liberal in office, Bob Goolatte like, Republican insider.

This election is going to take organization, passion and the power of conviction. Some people said they would like to blend these two candidates into one. Jamie Radtke’s organization combined with EW Jackson’s conviction, passion and abilities. In my opinion more observers seemed to convert to Bishop Jackson during this event, but I did not take a scientific poll. Overall not many minds were changed and the chances of a candidate dropping out are very slim.

I suspect George Allen would be pleased at the outcome, but it is early. I do think EW Jackson will have a much better chance of getting the organization together to win this primary and the senate than Jamie will have in getting the passion and skills to rival George Allen or Tim Kaine.

Dale G

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