Chip Tarbutton and Greg Aldridge

Roanoke, VA – Chip Tarbutton and Greg Aldridge are taking a leave of absence from their duties as officers of the Roanoke Tea Party (RTP) and taking on leadership positions in the U.S. Senate campaign for EW Jackson.

Vice President Greg Honeycutt will act as interim RTP President while current President Chip Tarbutton is serving in the Jackson for Senate campaign. Hank Benson will assume the RTP Vice Presidency on an interim basis to fill in for Greg Honeycutt.

Chip Tarbutton stated that he would still be active in local and state issues as a member of the RTP but will be stepping back on other issues to avoid conflicts of interest. Chip will actively work with other members of the Roanoke Tea Party in combatting Agenda 21 at a state and local level and the upcoming Lobby Day Event on January 16. 

When the campaign ends, Tarbutton and Aldridge both plan on returning to their roles on the Roanoke Tea Party Board. Aldridge will serve as EW Jackson’s Campaign Manager and Tarbutton will be working as Jackson’s Communications Director.

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