By Terry Franklin

Even if you missed the presentation on March 1 at our Roanoke Tea Party Meeting on sustainable development, most who read this page are aware of the dangers that this collectivist program presents right here and right now. The connections between the United Nations Agenda 21 and ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainable Development are indisputable. County Supervisors Moore, Altizer and Flora refuse to acknowledge this fact, amongst others, and lead us down a path not chosen by us. Ok, that was three peas but not where I was going with this. 

Something that we should all be aware of is that the Supervisors do appoint citizens to various committees, and those citizens do have some influence on County policy. From what I gather citizens can apply for a position on these committees, but how many apply and how are they chosen? I’m guessing here, but I doubt many apply and I suspect some are urged to apply based on some acquaintance or ideological belief. Here is where we get to the two peas.

Supervisor Charlotte Moore of the Cave Spring District is enamored of anything that echoes of sustainable development whether she understands it or not. Unfortunately for the County as a whole, she can make appointments that affect County policy and there is a name that keeps popping up in her appointments – Gene Marrano. 

Marrano is a local writer of sorts who is also eaten up with the cult of sustainable development. The problem for County residents is that he is an appointee to the County Planning Commission, the Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Review Committee and RCCLEAR (ICLEI). Here is the stated purpose of the County Planning Commission:  The Planning Commission, an advisory board to the Board of Supervisors, makes recommendations on a variety of land use issues. The commission is also charged with preparing and maintaining the Community Plan and recommending changes to reflect new land use policies. Also under composition of the committee:  All members must be residents of the county or municipality, and must also be qualified by knowledge and experience to make decisions on questions of community growth and development.

Admittedly, I have no knowledge of Marrano’s educational background. Going under the assumption that it is in journalism, how does a writer qualify to make land-use decisions that can affect all county residents? The same question can be asked of the Capital Improvement Review Committee. How does a writer qualify for that? Marrano’s appointment to RCCLEAR is an easy one though with the only requirement is being a member of the cult of sustainability. That’s pretty easy when all you have to believe is the mantra that global warming is caused by man and that Carbon Dioxide emissions must be eliminated. The rest of the agenda follows if you can convince others of the same as attempted in this laughable piece by Marrano. Keep in mind that Marrano is the writer, the News Editor of the Star Sentinel, an appointed member of RCCLEAR and interviewing the Chairperson of RCCLEAR.

 I’d say it’s easy enough to blow off any notion of journalistic integrity so if Marrano has no integrity in his acclaimed ‘profession’, how would any expect it from him while working within local government? The plain answer is that we can’t. The following is an email response from Marrano to RCCLEAR regarding a FOIA request on how carbon emissions were being documented through the Save a Ton campaign:

 Can’t we come up with a snappy answer from all the bullet points in the
RC Clear literature – or get help from someone like Sean McGinnis -
what would the average Roanoke County family (say, 2-3 kids, 3 bedroom
house??) have to do to Save a Ton per year, based on past studies? Can
it be as little as 2-3 action items? If we can be able to roll that off
our tongues like a mantra it might sink in.

You’ve seen from previous posts that RCCLEAR (ICLEI) cannot even remotely prove any of their claims of carbon reductions, but apparently Marrano thinks coming up with a ‘snappy answer’ said often enough will brainwash the masses into the same cultish belief system. At the very least, that reply shows a disdain for any who dare question it.

We can’t rid ourselves of Supervisor Charlotte Moore for a few more years, but we can mitigate her influence by getting rid of Marrano and scrutinizing any other appointments she may try to make. The cult of sustainability will likely die a natural death as it is exposed for what it really is, but we can hasten the process. Marrano’s term on the Planning Commission expires in June and the CIP term ends in August. As noted above, the prerequisite requirements for either position are easily ignored so volunteers are needed.

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