Over 100 attended the event in Jackson Park!

The after-debate cookout was a huge success with over 100 in attendance! Thank you to everyone who came out.

Being in a part of the tea party movement has been a very educational experience. In the beginning, I felt a connection to others in the movement from all over the Virginia. Over time, I discovered that while we all had the same basic goals, all tea parties are not created equal.

Roanoke City GOP Chairman John Brill with RPV Chairman Pat Mullins

Most recently and as a catalyst to yesterday’s event, people working behind the scenes have kept Bishop Jackson out of a few tea party events. Most notable was his own tea party in Hampton Roads who’s leadership would not allow him to speak at their tax day rally despite the insistence of at least two members of their leadership. And to make matters worse, some attempted to shame him for just attending.

I am trying to think of an event that the Roanoke Tea Party has hosted where we refused participation to one of our members running for public office. I can’t.

Bishop Jackson and Jackie V. from the Floyd Tea Party. Thanks for making the trip Jackie!

We have never operated that way. Yesterday’s event should be an example to our patriot families in our area and across the state of how to treat people.

While it is true some of us in the leadership of the Roanoke Tea Party are Supporters of Bishop E.W. Jackson, and also would like to as the Hampton Roads Tea Party put it, “use our event to give our candidate the best possible platform to win”, we did not block the other candidates from participating. Bob Marshall, George Allen and even Jamie Radtke weren’t just invited to attend. They were invited to speak.

Patriots traveled from all over S.W. Virginia to see Bishop Jackson

I got involved in the tea party movement to fight alongside other patriots to regain our freedom, not to fight with other patriots about the details. The only way to save our republic is together. When can we start?

Gregory Aldridge

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