I saw this Tweet from one of my least favorite political pundits, Bill Maher, yesterday.

Much like his progressive friend Piers Morgan’s Twitter rant, his Tweet is correct, but not for the reasons he is saying.

American has always been exceptional, when the people follows the founders vision. And when the country fails, it is largely because government is destroying that exceptionalism through regulations and unconstitutional laws.

Yes we are exceptional at allowing the existence of a big government nanny state in direct violation of the Constitution that is killing the individual liberty that makes us exceptional.

How do we stop this? Relying on the Feds to self regulate is a pipe dream as Judge Napolitano lays out in this excellent article titled “The Rule of Law Doesn’t Exist in D.C.”

The states are the last best hope for getting the Feds back into their Constitutional box. That is why we are pushing the Nullify Now Tour Stop idea here in Roanoke. There is a solution and it is not going to come solely from electing better Federal officials. It will come when the exceptional people demand our states stand up for the 10th Amendment and stop allowing the Feds to destroy this nation.

We will be highlighting, over the next few days, exactly how nullification will help if we can get enough people on board to pressure our state lawmakers to do it. Nullification was the rightful remedy, according to Thomas Jefferson, in the 1798, in dealing with an out of control Federal Government.

And it is still the rightful remedy today.

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