This primer on Agenda 21 and related issues was recently submitted by RTP member Terry Franklin. Look for action against Agenda 21 in this years General Assembly. Chip

The influence of United Nations programs is far reaching on all governments in our country. I think it’s fair to say that most Americans don’t care much for the United Nations on a gut level, but what is the basis for that dislike? The news tidbits of funding and the abject failures of the U.N. would be enough for most paying a little attention to want to be rid of it. So an explanation of what the United Nation is, what it plans for and it’s affect on us is in order.

In short, the United Nations is the front for a global government scheme that will be modeled on communism where the Global State, or New World Order, controls everything. The United Nations is opposed to anything considered a ‘natural right’ to include individual liberties, ownership of private property and sovereignty by any country or individual. The program to bring this ‘collective’ into being is laid out in the U.N. document known as Agenda 21.

It is important to understand that those who scoff at the idea of the U.N. having this influence in our country are either Lenin’s ‘useful idiots’, or they agree with the agenda and work to further the goals. Both are dangerous, but the ones who understand those communist concepts are the real enemies of our Republic. They are here in the Roanoke Valley. They have influence in local governments because many are imbedded in those governments. They have money and so are able to push the agenda – most preferably without your knowledge because you aren’t paying attention.

What is Agenda 21? Simply put, Agenda 21 is a comprehensive plan to control and manipulate all resources on the planet to include us. We are a resource and an expendable one at that. Read it for yourself and don’t pay attention to the propagandists that spin it into manna from heaven. They fear the public being educated for good reason. But how does Agenda 21 affect you? Here’s a little checklist on how successful the communists have been. You determine the effects on you.

The Global Warming Hoax. Twenty years after Agenda 21 was accepted by the U.N., the neo-environmentalists still cling to this theory. It doesn’t matter that it has been thoroughly debunked and even the perpetrators admit it was a lie. What we have now is a Green Religion that permeates government policy. Cap and Trade (carbon taxes) is still waiting in the wings here in Virginia. Hundreds of coal fired electric plants are being shut down by federal mandate without replacement power in place. Billions of dollars have been wasted on alternative energy sources such as wind and solar that are proven failures, both financially and environmentally. Basically, any government or NGO that exhibits an interest in reducing carbon emissions can get Federal, State or Local grants to continue this fraud. Agenda 21 SUCCESS.

Sustainable Development.  This term did not come into common usage until 1992. What it amounts to is government control of all land in one way or another. If you think that might be an exaggeration, take a look at the principles, or mission statements of your local Planning Commissions and nearly every NGO that influences government on any level. You will find the term ‘sustainable’ nearly every time if it is remotely connected to the environment. Local Planning Commissions are the most insidious being influenced by the American Planning Association, the National Association of Counties and our own Virginia Association of Counties. Numerous other NGO’s contribute to lobbying efforts to deprive land use, but most of the actual funding comes from the Federal government. Government on any level can mandate you how you use your land by zoning, condemning, or using eminent domain down to a stupid ‘chicken ordinance’. Agenda 21 SUCCESS.

Regionalism and Mega-Regionalism. The U.N. is now coming home to roost in our back yard with regional plans being put together by our local governments and interested communist NGO’s. The Roanoke Valley – Alleghany Regional Commission is the old Fifth Virginia Planning District which to date has been largely nothing of consequence other that sucking up Federal funds to pay a few salaries at our expense. The possible ‘monster in the closet’ is the new Partnership for a Livable Roanoke Valley. What the PLRV is doing is gaining a consensus on things they want to do to further Agenda 21 with ‘citizen input’ that amounts to citizens prioritizing items the PLRV had already determined to be part of their agenda (Delphi technique). What is important to note is that the citizen input is miniscule but will be presented as a consensus being reached by the citizenry of the region. The PLRV is currently funded by a portion of a HUD grant and will pursue other Federal grants to bring their vision to fruition. What this vision entails is a regional authority that can by bypass local government with a Regional Committee. Agenda 21 Moving towards success.

Land Trusts and Conservation Easements. This is a scam of monumental proportions. Every piece of land put into an easement or given to a Land Trust takes more useable land off the market and decreases the revenue stream of local government. That in turn forces local government to replace that revenue by increasing the taxes of everyone else in a given jurisdiction. The Western Virginia Land Trust is the primary culprit in this area and constantly brags about their acquisitions. Take a look at the U.N. map of what they want our country to look like and consider what the WVLT is doing to help that process. Agenda 21 Continuing Success. 

Roanoke Valley Greenway Commision. I doubt it is an accident that the Greenways started three years after 1992. Take a look at the Roanoke Valley Greenway plan and figure how much land and money will be spent on this project. The last I saw, Roanoke City is contributing $200,000 a year on this project. I have no monetary figures for Roanoke County or Salem, but take a look at what this project really does. It drains revenue to build and maintain it while creating no revenue. It takes more land from the revenue base and really just amounts to an expensive beautification project that will cost us in perpetuity. Agenda 21 Success in the making.

These are just a few examples of the United Nations exerting influence on us in a direct manner. The list goes on to include indoctrination into the communist Green religion in the government school system, yielding yet another generation of acolytes to this religion. You see it in advertising by various corporations. For all practical purposes, it is everywhere.

I’ll end this with a story of sorts. Back in January when we got the Roanoke County Board of Supervisors to vote on continued membership with ICLEI, Chairman Richard Flora brought up McCarthyism with the inference that we were ‘witch-hunters’ in the vein of Joe McCarthy. I almost laughed aloud when he said that. What he attempted to do was make fun of us and/or possibly deflect attention from himself. Keep in mind that Flora is the Roanoke County representative for the newly formed PLRV, RVRACMPO (municipal planning org), and a board director for VACO. That would be the Virginia Association of Counties that recently lobbied against Ballot Measure #1 providing some protection against eminent domain. Draw your own conclusions about Richard Flora.

The United Nations is already in your life via Agenda 21 and the local NGO’s pushing it. Get used to it or fight this communist agenda.

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