When you propose nullification to politicians today,  there are two specious arguments that get made to dismiss it out of hand.

One of those is “well this is something that can’t happen anymore.” It’s all just ancient history put up by guys in powdered wigs. They continue that the Federal Government will just come and make us do it…


The most effective nullification action in Virginian history goes all the way back to…2009. State officials weren’t wearing powdered wigs three years ago.

Virginia joined 25 other states in nullifying the Read ID act, (SB1431) which would have required a National I.D. card on 3/31/09. Former State Senator Ken Cuccinelli, (yes that Ken Cuccinelli) wrote the bill.

Now the Real I.D. is still Federal law and every couple of years the Executive Branch warns of the need to actually implement the law. (Both Bush and Obama Administrations). In 2011, in spite of this hysterical warning letter, the Obama administration wisely decided to do for a third time what the Bush administration was forced to do the first time when many state governments simply refused to comply with the act’s unconstitutional requirements — extend the deadline again.

Nullfication works. But it requires courage from the state. Something that our state legislature is always known for. They gain courage when we force them to…that is why we need a groundswell of people pushing this idea.

That is the whole point of the Nullify Now Tour Stop. Nullification can be the tool used by Virginia and other states to address a multitude of Federal sins. But the state won’t do it unless we DEMAND IT in force. Which means a lot of people need to be in their legislators ears and offices demanding it.

A Nullify Now Tour, partnered with the 10th Amendment Center, will allow us to bring in nationally known speakers with a professional media campaign that can draw a crowd from across Central and SW VA to learn about nullification and start pressing our legislators to do one simple thing.

Nullify Now! Click here to pledge money for the Nullify Now Tour stop in Roanoke. If you are uncomfortable, you can donate directly to us and we will use the money to get the tour he…

Part 4 coming….the best example of how nullification can be used to fight for freedom. If you want a preview, Google Sherman Booth and Joshua Glover. These are men you should know about, but probably don’t.

Chip Tarbutton

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