So while there is no proof…there are a lot of smoke that would indicate that voting fraud occurred and occurred in a wide spread fashion in key states.

59 Precincts in Philadelphia and 9 in Ohio had ZERO votes for Romney. These are strongly Democrat areas. But it is difficult to believe there wasn’t one dissenting vote in 68 different precincts.

Allen West continues to fight for an overall recall.  Irregularities in his district “abound.”

We know huge crowds in Virginia were allowed to vote after hours. Were they really all in line by 7PM? Were they really able to monitor that at each station or did extra people get to the polls and vote when they arrived?

Nothing can proved yet…but is anyone surprised that fraud likely took place in a widespread pattern. How many more stories will we see.

And how can you have a legitimate government when there is this kind of doubt about the accuracy of the votes we see on the TV screen after the polls close? Our republic is in deep, deep trouble.

Chip Tarbutton

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