Nullification Flyer

With Lobby Day here, we will be taking a busload of activists to Richmond to lobby our legislators. Here is a one page summary we will be giving our activists and legislators tomorrow. While there is some good and bad legislation on the docket, most of the bills just nibble around the edges of the problems. We are looking to drive a spoke into the wheels of injustice in 2014. So we are letting our legislators know now…after all, there is an election this fall.

Taxes:  We are Taxed Enough Already. Period. Say no to “revenue enhancement schemes” for transportation budget. Audit VDOT to ensure there isn’t another $1.45 billion in unspent funds and grants in the coffers. Support SJ299 for an audit of VDOT.  Resist spending increases to avoid the temptation of raising revenues.

Voter Fraud: 2013 Support HB 1787 and 1788 requiring proper ID for voting and registration. For future: Bring back paper ballots.

2nd Amendment:  Resist any additional regulations on gun ownership. Period. For future: 2nd Amendment nullification bill similar to bills by Texas and Wyoming.  

Civil Rights:

  • No drones in Virginia. Period. Current drone bills in Virginia are too weak or too short in duration. HB2012 should be indefinite and not through July of 2014.
  • Support HB1617: Prohibits interference in student organizations by higher educational institutions

Property Rights: Agenda 21 bills abound in the GA. Oppose ceding land use authority to un-elected no-governmental agencies. Opposition to Agenda 21 is part of the GOP Party platform in Virginia.  The insanity of Agenda 21 property right grabs is seen in the sheer volume of bills trying to utilize these methods. Please Oppose:  HB1324, HB1397, HB1398, HB1408, HB1427, HB1450, HB1521, HB1556, HB1565, HB1694, HB1727, HB1753, HB1757, HB1758, HB1768, HB1800, HB1828, HB2172, HJ567, HJ615, SB747, SB748, SB819, SB821, SB 824, SB 852, SB880, SB894, SB 918, SB926, SB932, SB977, SB1023, SB1134

Support: HB1404, HB1429, HB1488, HB1697, HB1718, HB1814, HB2081, HB2223, SB1073, SB797, HB1430.

Immigration: Oppose any efforts to provide in state tuition to non-citizens. Examples are HB1490 and HB1525.

For the future:

2014. Emphasis on Standing for the 10th Amendment.

  • Instead of complaining about unconstitutional Obamacare legislation, pass nullification legislation like South Carolina is considering
  • Instead of complaining about unconstitutional federal gun grabs, pass 2nd amendment nullification like Texas is considering
  • Instead of putting forward weak resolutions like SJ338 that suggest “discretion” in dealing with EPA regulations, we need to nullify unconstitutional EPA regulations.

Jefferson and Madison considered Nullification to be the rightful remedy for Federal overreach. We will be looking for sponsors for these bills and more in 2014. See model legislation at


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