Goodlatte: Wanted for Impersonating a Constitutional Conservative

Based on a call I got from a Washington DC based reporter, news of our efforts to encourage Bob Goodlatte had reached the Capitol. When we started our 2013 Freedom Agenda, a key piece of this agenda was replacing status quo incumbents in Washington.

I left the page title “Wanted” because we knew we would likely need some new posters. Perhaps some local House of Delegates members will earn the dubious honor of getting their own Roanoke Tea Party “Impersonating a Constitutional Conservative” poster soon.  The evidence:

HB 2340, a weak 2nd Amendment protection bill, was sent back to committee to die.

HB 2223, a fairly broad anti-Agenda 21 bill, has been tabled in committee on a voice vote (so the members don’t have to be on record on how they voted.)

It’s becoming increasingly obvious that if you really want change and fighting spirit in the General Assembly, it’s going to have to start by sending new folks to Richmond as well as Washington.

Since members of the General Assembly are up for election in November, we will be reviewing these and other issues as the GA session winds up.  Look for wanted posters coming to your neighborhood soon.

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