It's Time To Admit This...

More examples that show our Republican legislators as wimpy. Will someone summon up enough courage in the 2014 General Assemby session to put forth a similar law?

NEWS: Missouri Nullifies ALL Federal Gun Control. Strong veto-proof majorities in both Houses.

Last last night, the Missouri State House voted to send Governor Jay Nixon what could arguably be the strongest defense against federal gun control measures in American history.  The vote was 116-38.
HB436, introduced by Representative Doug Funderburk in February, was initially passed by the House in April by a vote of 115-42.  Last week, the State Senate approved the bill with an amendment which did not change any of its nullification aspects. The vote there was 26-6.  The bill then needed one final vote in the house which happened just before 10pm local time this evening.
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