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As we mentioned recently, ICLEI and there relationship will be back on the front burner in Roanoke County. Instead of re-writing stuff we’ve already covered, it is just easier to go through this rather comprehensive series of articles on the topic. It goes back to my environmental award I received and the dare Gene Marrano gave me to print his explanation of the value ICLEI and their friends provided Roanoke County. This series just highlights the absolute ridiculous nature of the activities of these groups. There are also links to great reference material.

This dust up also was the genesis of our efforts to put together a media checking website/radio show. SO enjoy this walk down memory lane and use it as a primer on why Roanoke County should dispose of its ICLEI membership.  From 2012…Enjoy Part 1 below. The rest of this series will follow over the next few days.


I picked a bad time to need a little time away from the blog. We stirred up a bit of a firestorm (well at least for the handful of people that read left wing bloggers at the local papers websites) over the award I received from the Green Menace group for Environmental Exceptionalism.

I’ve been a bit tied up over the past few days with work and my 21st wedding Anniversary.

My wife always takes precedent over arguing with left wing bloggers and quasi-journalists.

But I am now very glad I waited, because Gene Marrano just gave me a belated anniversary present. I almost had a post completed when lo and behold, RCCLEAR board member and “award winning” journalist Gene Marrano actually answered a question I had posed to him weeks ago.

And then he dared me to post it. I found that funny as his answer was rife with the kind of fuzzy logic that is the hallmark of Gene and his supporters. I could barely contain the glee I felt deconstructing his email. And the fact he dared me to do it, wow, that is like an anniversary gift and a birthday gift wrapped up in one.

In part 2 of this post, I will delve into Gene’s email. But in part 1, let me discuss the award that has the left wing cabal up in arms. Buckle up, I have a lot to cover.

Since the status quo for awards from environmental groups seems to be to give the awards to their own members and/or supporters, I don’t know why this is a cause for such amusement from the left wing political media support personnel. Don’t believe me, here is the article detailing Gene Marrano’s award from the Cool Cities Coalition.

Yes, Gene is a board member of RCCLEAR. Yes he is a “journalist.” Yes he wrote the article on himself winning an award for honest environmental journalism from a group affiliated with the group he is a board member of….

No one seemed to have a problem with that when this happened. I don’t really care about it either other than the fact that it is hard to call yourself a journalist when you act like this. That being said,  I don’t understand why this is a cause for such consternation with the local left wing bloggers. We are just following the lead of the green groups from around here.

As for the merits of the award, far be it from me to toot my own horn, but we continue to reveal the truth of Roanoke County’s wasteful, silly and potentially harmful relationship with the U.N. partner group ICLEI. Without our efforts, voters would not be aware of the betrayal of Mike Altizer and Richard Flora. I doubt you will find a more cogent analysis of the ICLEI/Roanoke County mess than here. On top of that we have a well documented history of supporting recycling. I think that puts me miles ahead of anything done by other “award winners” out there. But that is the purvey of the group handing out the award.

But I don’t go around calling myself a journalist either, unlike Gene Marrano.

It’s a shame that a bunch of volunteer activists do a better job of reporting this issue than the so called media. Perhaps we can do something about that going forward. :-) The bar is set pretty low for doing a better job of being an honest journalist than Gene.

A few other odds and ends before I deconstruct Gene’s email in part 2.

The other left wing pundit out there made a big deal about the Roanoke Tea Party promoting an American For Prosperity (AFP) event. We have done so before; if you search our website and plug in “AFP”, you will find 11 such references. So we have advertised or discussed an AFP event about 3 times a year since our inception.

We’ve also worked with a variety of Conservative groups with an alphabet soup of acronyms including (but certainly not limited to) the GOP, VCDL, NRA, and the VTPP. We share some common goals with these groups, like a stated affinity for free markets, 2nd Amendment rights and other issues. Sure we have worked with AFP on occasions and we will again if it benefits us and our members.

There is an implication here though, that has been repeated bluntly by Dr. Diana Christopulos and other green supporters that the Koch Brothers are somehow funding the Roanoke Tea Party. If anyone has any evidence of that I’d like to know about it, because as the President of the organization, I certainly haven’t seen any of that money.

I will admit we are “affiliated” with other groups in the sense we share some common support for certain Conservative causes. Based on our well documented willingness to criticize Republican politicians, we certainly don’t have any issues with not calling them like we see them. Our unwillingness to compromise on principles is a major reason we are not a member of the Virginia Tea Party Patriots Federation. If we were trying to curry favor with groups to increase financial backing, we are doing a REALLY bad job. Now lets look at our friends in the green menace.

I am certain that the RCCLEAR and their supporters, while not getting marching orders from UN Headquarters, do share the same belief that governmental action is necessary to save the planet from (what they misguidedly believe) is man-made global climate change. Is there anyone in the green community that denies that?

Agenda 21 is the universal standard for that goal and ICLEI is one partner designed to make that a reality. Everyone that believes that government action should be taken to save the planet should be supportive of a global effort to make that happen right?

Left wing pundits love to mock the connection between ICLEI and the United Nations. Now Roanoke County is paying $1200 a year to maintain a relationship with ICLEI. I know it is not a lot of money, but it is an endorsement of this group. And Gene Marrano, Charlotte Moore and other supporters take great pains to tell us how great ICLEI membership is and then mock any connection to the U.N. and Agenda 21.

So…one more time for the folks at the Roanoke Times editorial board….

This is right from ICLEI’s documentation; ICLEI is “an association of over 1100 local governments that represents the interests of local authorities within the United Nations and at international policy forums”

According to ICLEI’s own 2010-2015 Strategy Document, pushing local Agenda 21 is their primary goal under “policy innovation.”

A simple viewing of the most recent news from the ICLEI site shows the direct involvement in aspects of the recent RIO Agenda 21 summit. They are proud partners with the U.N. on implementing Agenda 21.

According to a speech given in 2011 by Under Secretary of the UN Sha Zukang, ICLEI is “a long-time partner of the United Nations, going back to Rio 1992.”

Is there any question that Agenda 21 is a goal of the organization Roanoke County continues to stubbornly send money too? If the green folks were honest, they ought to proudly proclaim the international nature of this group and how working together with ICLEI can help better save the planet. But instead they attempt to hide the obvious connection and the long term intent of ICLEI and Agenda 21 by ridiculing anyone bold enough to point out the OBVIOUS facts.

As we have documented many times, Agenda 21 has some very specific ideas of how to “save” the planet which most American’s would consider extreme.

Which of course is why the green menace hates it when you tie all of this back to its source.

I don’t believe Gene Marrano and his friends in RCCLEAR and the county are getting cables from U.N. H.Q. I also believe most of the supporters of these local initiatives have good intentions. But to deny the connection between ICLEI and Agenda 21 is dishonest. So why lie? Because an honest discussion on the goals of ICLEI and Agenda 21 would be uncomfortable for those who want to save us through government regulation. And that just won’t do.

So that being said, I am very proud of this award. I will say that I wouldn’t have won this award without the hard work of numerous people in and out of the liberty movement. There are too many people to thank, but I am proud to be surrounded by folks who aren’t afraid to buck the conventional wisdom handed down from main stream pundits like Gene.

Part 2 coming soon.

Chip Tarbutton

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