Many people feel the fight over whether “man-made global warming” exists or not and the attempt by power hungry people and governments to use solving it as a tool for take-over is the pivotal issue of our time. While I would agree with the seriousness and effectiveness of the MMGW crowd to achieve that, there is something deeper and more problematically wrong. It is the very nature of humans themselves.

Before I go on, let me spotlight this new article that is offering another very reasonable scientific perspective on why MMGW is not a scientific certainty. It contains a very widely known scientific fact that explains much of climate change; in particular the warming period that ended in 1998 and the cooling period we are now in as well as why the Earth is warm at all. The Sun!
The warming period ending in 1998 and the cooling period we are now in are not contested by the MMGW “scientists”, just the cause is. The MMGW crowd would have you believe their predictions of CO2 caused warming is still happening and it is just so very complicated to model on a computer. Therefore they were not able to know it would take a break for the last 15 years or why. Perhaps because they were modeling the wrong catalyst?
The science in this article has no trouble explaining why and it is an explanation that we have known about for years. Until there was global political power at stake, no one questioned the a sun-based reason for climate change like they do today.

I don’t tell you all of this as part of another article to fight against the MMGW crowd. I want this story to illustrate the real problem. As I stated at the beginning, the problem is the very nature of humans themselves.

So often it is impossible to get someone who is well convinced of a lie to see the truth. You can show it to them, provide documentation, photographs and even bring the subject to them in person and they will deny the truth and cling to the lie.

One easy example is the fact that people believe the United States is a democracy. You can show them where the man who wrote our Constitution says otherwise, where the founders who signed off on it say otherwise, even show them in the Constitution where is guarantees a REPUBLICAN form of government and they will still believe the lie they have been told and create elaborate and silly explanations to support it.

Winston Churchill said “A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.” While funny, it does seem to be true and quite maddening. When one sees truth and reality but is forced to interact in an alternate one based on fiction, it turns daily pleasures into pain. It creates cynicism and conflict.

This is a dangerous aspect of human existence, especially when politics and a government with deadly force are wielded on the basis of the alternate reality. This is one of the largest reasons why government should not be given wide and all encompassing power. As we see today in our own country, the “fictional” world of  George Orwell’s 1984 is not quite so fictional.

The question now is what do we do about it?

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