April Meeting This Thursday, April 6

The All-Republican Roanoke County Board of Supervisors is raising taxes and spending again! We will discus at our monthly meeting will be 6:30pm this Thursday at the Holiday Inn Tanglewood.

Local elections are here. We are going to talk about out whats going on there and meet some of the candidates.

Al Bedrosian has a primary challenger. We will hear from him about that and about the fight he is in on the Board to lower taxes and stop another spending increase.
You can watch Bedrosian’s interview on News Guardians from Monday, April 3 at this link. Very interesting information.

A lot has happened since our last meeting with Trump, Congress, and the Freedom Caucus. We’ll talk about that as well.

Want to restore liberty here at home? Learn how to reach that goal at this Thursday’s meeting! 

6:30pm this Thursday, April 6, at the Holiday Inn Tanglewood.

In Liberty, 


Roanoke Tea Party

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