Delegate Ben Cline

The February Roanoke Tea Party Meeting, 6:30pm is this Thursday and Republican Candidate for 6th District Congress, Delegate Ben Cline, was to be our guest speaker.
Kathy Haden contacted the RTP on behalf of Cline to cancel his attendance which had been scheduled for nearly 2 months.
Upon receiving this news, some investigation was done into Cline’s candidacy and some disturbing items have been discovered. That information will be discussed at the February meeting this Thursday, February 1, at the Roanoke Ramada Inn on Franklin Rd. Additionally the vetting research done in preparation for the meeting with Cline will be released as well.

Instead, our guest speaker will be Dale Thompson, of Truthar Consulting Services. Thompson will be leading a discussion on the polarization of our society and then will share an alternative way of conversing with folks that don’t agree with our strongly-held beliefs.

Join us Thursday at 6:30pm and prepare to be both alarmed and inspired!

In Liberty, 


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