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Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment. December 7

Note: the second night of the Free Market warrior Loren Spivack’s free economics seminar will continue tonight. If you missed the first session, don’t fret, the sessions are not interdependent and you can easily join in for part 2. As for the Overpasses group, they stopped by last night and showed a really cool and […]

Is The Snake Oil Salesman Wearing Out His Welcome?

I am watching the CBS Morning News and they just ran a report stating that only 49% of Americans now find President Obama “trustworthy.” The talking heads were discussing how that number had dropped from 60% and how that drop didn’t bode well for the President. While the talking heads seemed perplexed about the numbers of people […]

Impeachment Papers Should Be Made Ready…

After watching the President’s “fix” Obamacare press conference yesterday, I had a lot of questions. If you didn’t know the site was broken before the launch, why haven’t you sacked the person who didn’t tell you? If getting the website fixed is being hamstrung by inefficient government agencies and cumbersome internal rules, why on earth would […]

Warner And Obama. Slinging The Same Lies

It wasn’t just President Obama that lied about keeping your current insurance…if you like it. Every elected official had the opportunity to read the law. Every elected official could have seen that the promise made here was in direct violation of the law and the mountains of regulations supporting the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  That includes […]

Back Door Wall Street Bailout

If I told you that the Federal Reserve had bailed out Wall Street by giving them trillions of dollars, would you be outraged? Ever wonder why the stock market keeps going up and up, even though the economy keeps getting worse and worse? Well these two things are happening due to something called Quantitative Easing […]

Navigating Into Obamacare Hell…With Your Money

This video came out recently, showing the Obamacare Navigators who are now beginning to (with your tax dollars paying the bill mind you) guide people on how to scam Obamacare. Here is a snippet from the article… “You lie because your premiums will be higher,” one navigator advises an investigator for O’Keefe’s Project Veritas, who […]

10 Steps Closer To Economic Armageddon

I have seen this floating around the last couple of days. My friend Bob Shannon from the Mechanicsville Tea Party added this preface to these economic certainties… “For those that still cling to the believe that we have the luxury of taking our time, or the political inclinations that lean towards compromise…” As Ghandi once […]


Many people feel the fight over whether “man-made global warming” exists or not and the attempt by power hungry people and governments to use solving it as a tool for take-over is the pivotal issue of our time. While I would agree with the seriousness and effectiveness of the MMGW crowd to achieve that, there is something deeper […]

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