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Monthly meeting tonight: Will Hammer will be our guest!

Meeting tonight! Thursday 6:30pm at the Tanglewood Holiday Inn in Roanoke. We will talk about the November elections, Eboli in the US, the situation involving Bedrosian and Church in the Roanoke County BOS, the …results of our candidate vetting and we will have 6th District congressional candidate Will Hammer to talk about his campaign to […]

June Meeting Thursday Night

Our June meeting is upon us and we have a special treat. Candidate for U.S. Senate, Tony DeTora, will be with us. He will address the group and then be available for questions.  Tony is one of four candidates who are running for the nomination at this Saturday’s Republican convention being held in Roanoke. The […]

Sic Semper Tyrannis?

Not in Virginia, at least not anymore. What was once the very cradle of Liberty has become a festering cesspool of Tyranny. Governor McAuliffe has evidently chosen to elevate his title to “Dictator of the Commonwealth” and bypass the General Assembly, expanding Medicaid by an executive decree. Gee, that sounds eerily familiar… where have we […]

It’s Tax Day… again.

Instead of writing a longer post with a deeper theme, I thought I’d just take a few moments to reflect on how our government has abused, beyond imagination, it’s taxing authority. Particularly since ratification of the 16th Amendment in 1913, which established the Federal tax on income. That was 101 years ago. “Taxed Enough Already!” […]

That was the week that was…

I have an old friend that occasionally copies me on a TW3, her weekly update for family and close friends. It’s kinda’ fun reading about what’s on the minds of other people you don’t necessarily know, so I thought maybe we should try it Roanoke Tea Party style. Former First Lady, Senator, Secretary of State, […]

The President of Roanoke Tea Party is a flip-flopper

There, I said it – about myself… although in my defense, I wasn’t President at the time. (the excuses begin…) Like most of you, I browse the daily propaganda pages for shreds of real news. This story jumped off the page yesterday morning, and I was reminded of a time not so very long ago, […]

Crony Capitalism Is In The Cards: Update

Update: This bill has dropped and guess who is the Senate co-sponsor. Diane Feinstein. As if you needed any other proof this bill is a dog. More on this at Want a prime example of what is wrong in Washington D.C? Well the Feds are playing the same hand again…and they are hoping you […]

Conditioning for the Police State – Guns to Guitars

Another sad, but increasingly common example of the Police State we’re being conditioned for living in. Every American, regardless of party affiliation, should take astute notice of this. Feds raid gun parts store despite court order SAN DIEGO – With a search warrant in hand, federal agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and […]

Enforce The Law Act

Oh, great… yet another feel-good, but do-nothing piece of legislation from House Republicans. Behold, the “Enforce the Law Act“. It’s purpose, to force the President of the United States to fulfill his sworn oath of office. And if he doesn’t, well they’ll… they’ll… (wait for it) THEY’LL SUE HIM, IN FEDERAL COURT!!! Skipping over the […]

How does it feel, Senator Feinstein?

Sen. Diane Feinstein of California is “gravely concerned” that the CIA might have spied on her, and other Members of Congress. Initially I thought, well, it’s about time they got around to spying on the real threats to national security. On one hand, I’m in agreement with her, that spying on one branch of gov’t […]

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