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Enforce The Law Act

Oh, great… yet another feel-good, but do-nothing piece of legislation from House Republicans. Behold, the “Enforce the Law Act“. It’s purpose, to force the President of the United States to fulfill his sworn oath of office. And if he doesn’t, well they’ll… they’ll… (wait for it) THEY’LL SUE HIM, IN FEDERAL COURT!!! Skipping over the […]

How does it feel, Senator Feinstein?

Sen. Diane Feinstein of California is “gravely concerned” that the CIA might have spied on her, and other Members of Congress. Initially I thought, well, it’s about time they got around to spying on the real threats to national security. On one hand, I’m in agreement with her, that spying on one branch of gov’t […]

Dare Answered: Final Chapter

The final chapter of this 5 part series. Again, I would like to challenge anyone to read through this series and then come to the decision that ICLEI is anything but a waste of money, time and effort. Plus the sheer flim-flammery from the ICLEI “team” is almost awe inspiring. Save Roanoke County from this […]

Dare Answered: Part 4

Part 4 of this 2o12 series. More on the logic used by Roanoke County to continue to support their relationship with ICLEI. Keep in mind this all from that award winning journalist Gene Marrano. His answers to these questions, upon reflection couldn’t have been more damning to his case. End this travesty; come out to […]

Dare Answered Part 3

Here is Part 3 of our 2012 series detailing how ridiculous the arguments for staying in ICLEI are. The Roanoke Times’ misinformation in Sunday’s paper is typical. There news article starts off  by describing opponents of ICLEI as conspiracy theorists. And then the misinformation just goes on and on. Here are the facts on how […]

Dare Answered: Part 2

Why should you care about Roanoke County’s relationship with ICLEI? This series from 2012 delves into the many issues with the dalliance the county has with this UN partner group. Here is part 2 from this 2012 series that answers the dare of Gene Marrano to post his responses on our site. Enjoy..

Roanoke Tea Party Picks Up the Gauntlet Thrown Down by Bob Goodlatte and the Republican Establishment

Roanoke, VA – The Roanoke Tea Party has released the following statement regarding the budget compromise that passed the House of Representatives yesterday.  “Republican Congressional members, including Bob Goodlatte, have shown that their verbal commitments to fiscal responsibility are a farce. Goodlatte and other Republican politicians say this latest budget compromise is a step in […]

GOP Budget Surrender in Washington

Anyone shocked by this latest turn of events in Washington? Anyone surprised the inability of the Congressional Republicans to continue fighting to defund Obamacare and such? That Gelish because fda approved rx flagyl drugs and several even it overall a off brush best online pharmacy wit lathering just of celebrities shop is want contains […]

Time Magazine Figures Out What We’ve Been Saying All Along…

Time magazine is now getting around to the realization that the millions of new Medicaid subscribers that have signed up in the Obamacare rollout is going to create a massive fiscal issue. I quote… “Congress has shown no ability to reform Social Security or Medicare. Of absolutely in bought! Started – impatient zyprexa without […]

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