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March Meeting: Republican Establishment Shreds Ballots to Hide Fraud

Our next meeting is this Thursday, March 7 at 6:30pm and we will discuss Republican Primary Fraud by the Establishment leadership and the upcoming local and state elections. There have been allegations made about the current 6th District Republican Chairman and her supporters frauding an election and shredding ballots. (Pictured: Chairman Jennifer Brown holding the […]

Roanoke Tea Party Calls for Bob Goodlatte and Ben Cline to Denounce Jennifer Brown and the Vulgar Abusive Behavior

Jennifer Brown’s Campaign attacked our tea party president calling him an “asshole”, threatening him, and saying “go f*ck yourself”. As this article indicates, we were promised responsible leadership and “harmony and civil discourse” if Chairman Scott Sayer were replaced by Jennifer Brown and as the Bull Elephant article indicates “We have gotten nothing but drama and discord.  We […]

Illinois Can’t Afford to Pay Lottery Winners

Governments In The US Are Collapsing Financially, Just Like we Said They Would: Abusively high levels of taxation, spending, and regulation are continuing to have the effect we have been saying they would. It stifles then kills productivity, jobs, entrepreneurship, and ultimately any hope of prosperity. Take the latest example the national media has been […]

Why Isnt Mark Obenshain Running For Governor?

In a classic example of insider elites deciding whose turn it is to be our elected officials, failed US Senate candidate Ed Gillespie is running now to be the governor of Virginia. He will fail at that too, but that’s a different issue. This begs the question, why is a DC insider with little to […]

Cliven Bundy is an idiot.

Cliven Bundy is an idiot.

Cliven Bundy is an idiot. Or at least willing to be a self-serving tool, if not a useful idiot. We’ve all said stuff without thinking about what it might sound like out loud, and wish we could get a pass, but then most of us don’t live at gunpoint with a yardful of reporters either. […]

More Inconvenient Facts

We call it dirty weather because dirty energy creates dirty weather. As the leading edge scientists have been telling us for a few years now, we are long past the point where it is sufficient to say that you can not connect one storm to the climate crisis. Al Gore According to that right wing […]

10 Steps Closer To Economic Armageddon

I have seen this floating around the last couple of days. My friend Bob Shannon from the Mechanicsville Tea Party added this preface to these economic certainties… “For those that still cling to the believe that we have the luxury of taking our time, or the political inclinations that lean towards compromise…” As Ghandi once […]

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