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I am no longer amazed at how Roanoke City Council can so brazenly ignore the wishes of Roanoke’s residents when it wants its way and so publically act to use Roanoke’s resources to enrich their friends, political donors and business connections. Often, they rub Roanoke’s nose in their misdeeds and like obedient dogs, Roanoke’s voters come back […]

Establishment Republicans Are Giving You the Finger

Many of you worked hard to help Romney get elected. You ignored the establishment tendencies of Romney and prayed for the best. Since they didn’t win….they are now throwing you overboard. In Washington…. “Well, listen, I think this has been the most misreported story of my two years’ tenure.  We don’t have a tea party caucus […]

Action Plans: Part 1

So I hope you have shaken whatever cobwebs you had out of your heads. It’s time to get down to brass tacks. What to do now? I will be writing about some of our plans for the future for dealing with the next four years. #1 Principles, Principles , Principles It all starts here. We […]

Liberal Democrat Hypocracy? Never.

The statist, liberal, socialist, communist, progressive and Democrat mindset is a sad and pathetic thing to witness. But that is nothing compared to how bad a thing it is to live every day being governed by it. Do you recall the stories of farm families being told by the federal government that their children could no longer work on the […]

Fun With Gene and Sean

I am not sure, but I doubt traffic on I81 is the main cause of carbon emissions in the County since that figure comprises all vehicular travel on primary and secondary roads and I81 is only a portion of all those miles. Gene Marrano I thought I’d remind Gene of this nugget of analysis that […]

Voter Fraud Prevention

The presentation is a run through of the slides we presented at our September meeting regarding voter fraud. We encourage our members to get involved with the important task of ensuring a free and fair election. This means both poll watching and moving away from electronic voting, which has huge potential for corruption. While the […]

Nullify Now; The “Rightful Remedy” for Obamacare.

“When the unhappy and deluded multitude, against whom this force will be directed, shall become sensible of their error, I shall be ready to receive the misled with tenderness and mercy !” When King George III offered these “magnanimous” words on the eve of the American Revolution, did the founders say, “Oh Shucks, I guess […]

Death Spiral into Tyranny

By Terry Franklin How sweet liberty is and how easily we let that most precious of things slip away. You could say it really isn’t our fault as we are constantly bombarded by attacks on our liberty, chipping away our will to preserve it or undermining our foundation like sappers without us even seeing it. […]

War On Our Principles…

One of our members asked me a question the other day. How do we keep growing as an organization? Well that is a great question. And one that doesn’t lend itself to an easy answer. I think there are a lot of unhappy people. OWS and the Tea Party Movement and just the general public […]

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