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December Meeting/Christmas Party This Thursday!

We are excited to send this reminder that our Annual Christmas Party is THIS THURSDAY! General Aldridge personally inspected the renovations and repairs at the Ramada Inn on Franklin Rd. and he is happy to report that the new drywall, paint, carpet and mechanical improvements are all ready for our party! So the Christmas Dinner Party Pot Luck […]

UPDATE: Christmas Party and Other Upcoming Events

It’s official! Noah has spoken and there will be a Christmas Dinner Party Pot Luck on Thursday December 6 @6:30pm!  Just bring a dish, dessert, or side item etc. and we will take care of a turkey, ham, and drinks. RSVP to: or on our facebook event HERE. so we know how much to […]

The Political Magicians Will Be Unmasked Tomorrow Night!

The Political Magicians Will Be Exposed at: This Month’s Roanoke Tea Party meeting tomorrow Thursday, October 4, @ 6:30pm at the Ramada Inn Franklin Rd. What Political Magicians you ask? The ones that had many of you praising Lindsey Graham last week while they robbed you blind. Learn about it tomorrow night Join us Thursday […]

Why are they really attacking Kavanaugh? We will tell you at:

this Month’s Roanoke Tea Party meeting. Join us this Thursday, September 6, @ 6:30pm at the Ramada Inn Franklin Rd. Attacking Kavanaugh, what does it mean? At our meeting this Thursday Greg will discuss the latest public battle in the war for your complete enslavement. Also, former President Chip Tarbutton and general Aldridge are writing a tea […]

Roanoke Tea Party Calls for Bob Goodlatte and Ben Cline to Denounce Jennifer Brown and the Vulgar Abusive Behavior

Jennifer Brown’s Campaign attacked our tea party president calling him an “asshole”, threatening him, and saying “go f*ck yourself”. As this article indicates, we were promised responsible leadership and “harmony and civil discourse” if Chairman Scott Sayer were replaced by Jennifer Brown and as the Bull Elephant article indicates “We have gotten nothing but drama and discord.  We […]

August Meeting This Thursday!

6th District Republican Chairman Jennifer Brown Invited to This Month’s Meeting This Month’s Roanoke Tea Party meeting is this Thursday, August 2, @ 6:30pm at the Ramada Inn Franklin Rd. We have invited Jennifer Brown; the newly elected chairman of the 6th District Republican committee to speak to us about the upcoming congressional election. Also […]

Has Roanoke City Lost its Legitimate Authority to Govern?

What if you held an election and nobody showed up? That basically just happened in Roanoke City when only 6% of the population determined the city council members for the rest of the 94% of the voting population. This may lead to some clucking and outraged opinions about the lack of civic responsibility amongst the populace. […]

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