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The Roanoke Tea Party Endorses Harry Griego

Political endorsements at election time are nothing out of the ordinary, unless the endorsement is from the Roanoke Tea Party. In our 6 year history, we have only made two endorsements… until today. Now it’s three. Today, we are honored to endorse a true patriot and dedicated servant to the cause of liberty. The more […]

E.W. Jackson Will Speak at Thursday’s RTP Meeting!

EW Jackson is coming to Roanoke this Thursday night! June 4th at 6:30 at the Tanglewood Holiday Inn, E.W. will make his endorsement of Harry Griego in next Tuesday’s election unmistakable. He will speak at the time of our regular monthly meeting in support for our effort to hold Chris Head accountable for his tax increase by replacing him with Harry in […]

Dozens Turn Out to Protest the Chris Head Tax Increase

We had a great crowd for today’s protest. Chris Head had thoughtfully posted a 4×8 campaign sign just in time for us to encircle it with protesters waving signs with messages like “Chris Head Lied” & “Vote Chris Out! Many passersby may not have connected our protest with the offending politician without Chris’ sign there. […]

Chris Head Raised Our Taxes & Wants Our Vote: Protest Tuesday!

Our gas taxes increased 45%. Our car tax increased 33% and our sales taxes increased 7.5%. Why? Because Delegate Chris Head voted with Democrats to raise our taxes after promising he would not. We are having a tax protest Tuesday, June 2 – 12:00 noon at Chris’ office (6349 Peters Creek Rd Roanoke VA 24019) and we need all hands on deck! […]

Join Us to Protest the Chris Head Tax Increase!!

We are having a tax protest Tuesday, June 2 – 12:00 noon at 6349 Peters Creek Rd Roanoke VA 24019 and we need all hands on deck! Please come out and show Delegate Chris Head (as well as the rest of our elected officials) that raising our taxes after promising not to is unacceptable. For those of you who […]

February Meeting this Thursday!

Our monthly meeting will be this Thursday February 5th at the Tanglewood Holiday Inn at 6:30pm. We have a very exciting meeting planned. 1. A very special speech from Chris Head (don’t miss this) 2. Discussion of Articvle V Convention and the Bills calling for it in the General assembly 3. Plans for this year’s House […]

Opportunity To Help With State Politics

Middle Resolution is working in the 38th Senate district to secure Republican majority in the state Senate on August 19th.  There are 25 critical polling places throughout the district that we need to cover with poll watchers.  If you are interested in helping with poll watching they could really use your help. If so, please sign up here and they’ll […]

Sic Semper Tyrannis?

Not in Virginia, at least not anymore. What was once the very cradle of Liberty has become a festering cesspool of Tyranny. Governor McAuliffe has evidently chosen to elevate his title to “Dictator of the Commonwealth” and bypass the General Assembly, expanding Medicaid by an executive decree. Gee, that sounds eerily familiar… where have we […]

Who is John Feehery?

Who is this John Feehery? He doesn’t seem to like us very much… and he really has a beef with Sen. Ted Cruz. I don’t know either one of them, but based on the contents of this rambling, bile-filled post, it’s clear this Feehery character is someone to be wary of. But just who is he, and […]


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