Dan Casey Get’s Schooled on Page 7.

dan casey schooled on page 7A supporter brought this to our attention just now. The following article by Doug Phillips appeared on page 7 of the Roanoke Times today as a response to the hate-filled article Dan Casey wrote just weeks ago attacking us, our friends and our principles. You can read our article about that HERE.

The following is what Mr. Phillips wrote as published in the Roanoke Times:

Phillips: Casey’s vendetta against the Tea Party

By Douglas Phillips

Phillips, an environmental engineer, is a longtime Roanoke County resident.

Dan Casey recently entertained Timesland readers with a middle school-level, emotional attack on one of the most successful, fully grassroots organizations in American history (“Roanoke Tea Party’s losing streak grows longer,” June 16 column). The article was not well-thought-out.

Let’s look at what Casey has come out against. Maybe we can educate other readers in a little refresher course on what the Tea Party believes. Here are the two simple tenets on which the Tea Party established itself:

The first is Taxation. The “T” stands for Taxed. The “E” stands for Enough and the “A” stands for Already — T. E.A. Party. Most middle-America folks are dissatisfied with ever-increasing taxation in solving our government problems. This seems like something Casey could get behind.

The second pressure point applied by the Tea Party movement on American politicians is the Constitution. It and the Federalist Papers are amazing documents not needing tweaking and twisting by Congress. Our president has become known for this disdain of the Constitution.

When we look at the amount of prayer, fasting, and discussion that went into composing the Constitution by its writers, we can easily see an exceptional accomplishment — a composition divinely inspired. That is why America has been exceptional. No other country’s codes were ever composed to protect a human’s God–given rights. So, the Lord had an interest in the document too.

If Casey had done some simple homework on the exemplary lives of the Founding Fathers, he could not have helped coming away with an amazing list of lives guided by Jesus Christ and God, the Creator.

If Casey had done simple research into a sampling of the lives of some of the Constitution’s framers, he could have avoided his shallow emotional article, desperately aimed at shutting up a successful movement in recent politics — the Tea Party Patriots. He would have discovered upstanding, educated, Godly men who were the Constitution’s authors.

Today, we are more apt to find public servants’ personal lives lacking integrity and instead dysfunctional, corrupted or floundering with personal baggage. He would have learned how many, many hours of waiting on God in group prayer were needed before the final document was developed, worthy of the rest of the world’s admiration, even some 250 years later. He would have deduced why that is so important in today’s self-seeking climate of government officials.

Finally, I would add that Casey’s laundry list of Roanoke Tea Party failures is inaccurate in many places. For the record, when Al Bedrosian won the Hollins supervisor seat in Roanoke County, he did so despite critics’ predictions. His defeat of two other candidates was actually decisive. Also, Harry Griego was most certainly not “handily defeated” by Chris Head. Head escaped narrowly (to again pull establishment-heavy government tricks on district’s voters). Griego was able to come within 140-plus votes of upsetting a RINO Republican [In Name Only] incumbent out of more than 2,700 voters in the primary election. This was also his first effort at elected office.

Tea Party accomplishes peaceful change. Here is a contrast to meditate on: Another group, the Occupy Wall Street movement, doesn’t even exist now, let alone get people elected to public office.

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