Democrats: “My body my choice” – Nope, not in this case.

Democrat Senator Ted Kennedy Jr. has a bill to automatically make people organ donors. In a letter to the editor in the New Haven Register, he defends his plan by saying, “Over 30 countries around the world, including 24 European nations, have “presumed consent”

Well, if thirty other countries do it..right? Abortion is illegal or impossible in 20 countries around the world. So, why isn’t he putting up a bill to make abortion illegal? Because for all their talk of principles, he and the political class he belongs to don’t really believe in any. They just use them when they are convenient and discard them when they are in the way. Whatever gets them what they want at any given moment is a sacrament and when its usefulness has faded, it is an evil.
“My body, my choice.” They think that is great when it is protecting abortion. Uhh Ted, why doesn’t that apply to my healthcare since it is the health of my body in question? Why doesn’t that apply to the money I earned by sacrificing my body?

Because it isn’t a principle for him or his kind. It’s a slogan only used when it gets them what they want.

Read his bill here.

Read the Breitbart article here.

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