Democrats Take VA – RTP Meeting Tomorrow

Democrats now run Virginia. The media is blaming Donald Trump.
Terry McAuliffe tweeted “We did it. We got them both. Hard work pays off. VA is ALL BLUE!”
Ralph Northam is ready to take more of your guns, you money, your unborn babies, your land, your healthcare, your job, and everything else you have.
What do we do now?
Come to the November meeting of the Roanoke Tea Party 6:30pm tomorrow, Thursday, November 7, at Ramada Inn Franklin Rd., and find out.
We predicted these election results over a year ago and have a number of responses, so don’t miss this meeting!

Also, we will have a presentation of the Wildlife Warriors for The Southwest Virginia Wildlife Center of Roanoke. They have been quite active online after claiming electoral victory over Stan Seymore in the Roanoke County Board of supervisors election.

In Liberty,
Roanoke Tea Party

Thursday, November 7 6:30pm
Ramada Inn, Franklin Rd.

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