Yes, “Discrimination” is Your Natural Right

The New York Post is reporting “Bartenders at a West Village hot spot served up discrimination — with a liberal twist — refusing to serve a customer, Greg Piatek, because he was wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat, according to a lawsuit.”

This establishment has every right not to serve this gentleman if they do not wish to.

Before you get angry, read all the way through this article.

Every private citizen and private business has that same right as long as they have not voluntarily entered into a contract to the contrary.
They also have the right to refuse to serve anyone else for any reason they wish, be it religious, personal, political, or other.
Government has no legitimate authority to compel them to do otherwise nor punish them for exercising that right.
That’s how liberty is supposed to work in a free society and ours was founded to ensure that.
We went terribly wrong by ever allowing the system to operate under the idea that we now have in place, which is we do not have that right and politicians or judges get to decide who can and can not be “discriminated” against by private citizens or specifically, who we will and will not associate with.

Do you have to do business with someone wearing a hat that offends you. NO
Do you have to do business with someone who’s lifestyle choices offend you? NO
Do you have to sell a drink to someone you don’t like? NO
Do you have to bake a cake for someone, if you don’t want to? NO
Do you have to do business with someone you do not wish to for any reason? NO
This will obviously offend many people who want to control others or were brought up and co-opted into the new anti-liberty way we now have in place in American civilization. We are not claiming that it is a nice way to treat people in many situations. We are saying that it is your natural right whether you exercise it to be nice or not.
We have been asked before in this subject, “but how do you keep people from being wrongly discriminated against unless the government imposes rules” to control that?
You cant whether government is involved or not. Keep in mind that that politicians getting involved and using government force doesn’t stop discrimination. It happens anyway and then has an added negative result.
It has created a situation where government uses force to stop some discrimination while promoting or protecting other kinds of discrimination. Under this system the power to control your life, your choices, and your own body has been taken away and given to politicians.
Instead of exercising your liberty and the ownership of yourself, you are forced to be involved in politics and elections to try and get politicians elected that will enforce your desires and choices on everyone so that you can exercise them yourself. That situation now also exists in education, healthcare, insurance, and many other aspects of of our private lives.
As a result, we are more polarized, angry, violent and exercising hate against each other than ever. That can be resolved by simply restoring liberty.
As sad and hurtful as it may be for one person to discriminate against another, it is far worse and hurtful to everyone to have politicians and government force involved.
Things are upside down in America.
Our Constitution created a Republic that was to protect the individual freedom of citizens. That even protects our right to choose who we do business with and associate with which has been identified as “discrimination.” It also specifically prohibits the government from discriminating in the 14th amendment by requiring “equal protection” under the law. Sadly, government has taken away our right to discriminate, which is our natural right, while exercising discrimination itself even though it is constitutionally prohibited from doing so.
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