Don’t Be A Charlie Brown

gop ball trick copyFederal elections are starting now all over the country and right here in S.W. Virginia. In many places the general election in November is not nearly as important than the primary election in June.
So… if you watched the news in the last week, you may have seen a story where the Republican controlled House and Senate passed a bill to eliminate Obamacare and defund Planned Parenthood. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan spoke proudly of their efforts. I am sure it was designed to make Conservative leaning voters feel like Congress is doing something to keep the promises that this batch of Republican lawmakers made in the 2014 elections. Repeal/Replace Obamacare. Reduce deficits.

You know the usual stuff that Republicans campaign on. Of course, the bill was vetoed by the President and served no useful purpose.  Not to mention the fact that the one very big piece of leverage the Congress has (they control the purse strings) was bargained away in the recently passed Omnibus Bill.

So why go through this effort to pass a bill that will ultimately mean nothing? It is simple.

Public Relations. Your local Congressman, when running for re-election, can accurately say they voted to repeal Obamacare. Watch for Bob Goodlatte to do this very thing. He and other incumbents win re-election 90% of the time or more. Speaker Ryan and Bob Goodlatte are continuing to use the same play book Republican leadership has been effectively running for decades. Why?

Because it works.

In the past, most people would have been reassured by this vote. I am beginning to believe that more and more Americans are getting wise to the shell game being played by Republicans in Washington. More and more people realize that the real opportunity to stop the President’s agenda was squandered when the GOP leadership agreed to fund everything the President desired in the Omnibus bill and the rest is just smoke and mirrors.

Republicans leaders in Washington, often called the “establishment,” are operating under a very different understanding of politics than we at the Roanoke Tea Party. We believe that the Republic, including a large number of republican elected officials, have abandoned the core principles of Constitutional rule. We believe that the nation’s fiscal and ethical rot is leading us to an imminent disaster or at the very least a continuation of our downward spiral. Because of this, we look at every misstep as a missed opportunity to try and avert disaster or at the very least stop the decline.

Establishment Republicans want us to believe that they will fix our problems if we just win the next election for them. So to that end, everything is riding on electing a Republican in 2016. They don’t see the issues facing the nation as anything more than a set of simple issues that a bi-partisan approach to ruling can’t resolve.

With a federal election looming, there will be opportunities to vote for candidates who will treat the current situation in America as a crisis that conservative republican principles can solve, or you will be able to choose politicians who continue to believe they can work with the Democrats to solve these issues. If we choose the latter, Republicans will again craft a “workable” compromise on your core principles and rights with democrats .

There is no evidence to support the idea that if we keep electing the same Republicans who have participated in causing our current state of miserable dysfunction that this time it will be different.

So which of you Charlie Browns are up for letting Lucy tee up that football again?

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