Former President Tarbutton Speaks On Rights

From the desk of Chip Tarbutton:
Elizabeth Warren says childcare is a right. The classic definition of a right is an inborn individual liberty like a right to life, a right to liberty, a right to defend yourself, a right to be secure in your home, a right to pursue happiness (ie economic liberty) etc.

These are all rights all humans are born with and our government was created to ensure those rights were defended.

So a right to child care is different, as it requires someone else to provide a service to you. That means someone intrinsically has to provide this service and be forced to pay for said “right.” It isn’t a right if other have to lose their liberty to provide it.

A right isn’t subject to a vote. 51% of people can’t make something a right. Which is why the US was set up as a republic, with laws that protected the minority from the tyranny of the majority.

This isn’t to say this has always been done correctly. We violated the Declaration of Independence codifying slavery and Jim Crow for example.

But the concept of natural rights defended by a republican form of governance is a good one. And conflating made up rights with natural rights is a slippery slope.

Because if you believe a majority vote can confer a right, you also believe a majority vote can deny one. And that is how tyranny begins.

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