Goodlatte Caught Fundraising on his own Failure

bob obama fundraiser

This is the fundraising letter in question

It is rare that a fundraising email can bring me to tears laughing. But Congressman Bob Goodlatte has managed to accomplish that feat with his March 16 fund raising email.

In it, Congressman Goodlatte urges his supporters to contribute to his campaign to help him stop the “Obama Administration’s agenda.” Why did this strike me as so laughable?

Well first and foremost, Congressman Goodlatte actually voted to support the “Obama Administration’s agenda.” Congress has one main weapon to accomplish opposing Obama’s agenda; the power of the purse. President Obama can’t implement his agenda unless Congress authorizes the spending he needs.

Congressman Goodlatte voted for continuing resolutions since 2010 to fund the government. Yes, you heard that right. Goodlatte, the “most conservative member of congress”, voted with Beohner to fund the Obama agenda through the continuing resolutions that authorized the money.
These spending resolutions funded Obamacare, Planned Parenthood and all of the other instruments that Congressman Goodlatte would likely define as the “Obama agenda” and Goodlatte tells us he is fighting against.
It is like a parent starting a crowd funding page to solicit money to help stop their kid from using drugs and then taking the money from the crowd funding site to buy their kids more drugs.

No reasonable person would contribute to that crowd funding site if they knew that was how they were spending the money.

I certainly wouldn’t trust Congressman Goodlatte to fight the Obama Administration based on his track record of funding the President’s agenda.

It is also funny that now, at the end of the Obama Administration, this would be the call from the Congressman. It is more likely whatever money is raised from this email would be needed to stop the Clinton agenda should she win in November.

Based on Goodlatte’s track record of failure, he will be equally impotent at stopping a possible Clinton agenda as he has been at stopping the Obama’s.

This would be a lot funnier if the future of the nation didn’t hang in the balance. It is really more a cause of anger than laughter.

A more effective step would be to find a new Congressman who will actually work at stopping the Democrat agenda and not just use voter frustration as a convenient fundraising tool.

There is one challenging Bob Goodlatte in the upcoming Republican primary, just as Dave Brat challenged Eric Cantor, and his name is Harry Griego.

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