Goodlatte Is Leaving. Remember Why And What’s Next?

Over a year ago we answered the question many were asking, “why isnt Mark Obenshain running for Governor?”
The answer to that question, if you remember, is the answer to what people are asking today. “What’s Next?”
Why is Goodlatte Leaving and who is going to take his place?
Here is a quote from our previous article of a year ago to remind you of what our expose’ predicted is about to happen:
“The answer lies in the typical party boss backroom deal struck between Bob Goodlatte, Ed Gillespie, and Mark Obenshain.

Goodlatte just won another primary challenge but after 20+ years, his time is near. (not everyone hangs on to power until they are dead like Robert Byrd from W.VA.) Ed Gillespie is hungry for power of his own after spending his life as an advisor and lobbyist to powerful people. And then there is Mark Obenshain who like Bill Bolling probably believed it was “his turn.” So, how does Gillespie convince Obenshain to give up his turn? Goodlatte agrees to retire early and give up his seat in congress to Mark.

It’s just that simple people. And remember, next year when Goodlatte announces retirement, you heard it first right here.”

Now that we know that a Republican cant win statewide in Virginia, Mark looks like the brightest bulb in the box. Unfortunately, its a box of crooked politicians. Ed gets nothing, Goodlatte has to retire early and Mark gets to be Congressman in the 6th district. Or does he?

There is a lot happening that gets in the way of part 3 of their evil plot. The republican blood bath on tuesday means that If Mark runs for Congress now, he opens his seat in the state senate and it becomes vulnerable to democrat takeover. Its doubtful Mark would want to be the guy that lost the senate for his party in the mess that they are already in.

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