Illinois Can’t Afford to Pay Lottery Winners

Governments In The US Are Collapsing Financially, Just Like we Said They Would:
Abusively high levels of taxation, spending, and regulation are continuing to have the effect we have been saying they would.
It stifles then kills productivity, jobs, entrepreneurship, and ultimately any hope of prosperity.
Take the latest example the national media has been hiding from you, Illinois. They have every leftist, progressive, statist, anti-liberty policy that is popular today and it is not only bringing down Chicago, its collapsing the whole state.
The Chicago Tribune affirms what we discovered in the alternative national media (the ones that are called fake news by the liberal press), that Illinois cant afford to pay lottery winners…but is is still advertising the lottery and encouraging people to buy tickets as if there is nothing wrong.
There are multiple lawsuits now in progress.
This will bring us all down if we don’t stop running our government in this way. The only thing keeping the Federal Government afloat today is it’s ability to print money, which Illinois can not do.
Michigan, California, Illionois, New York..who’s next?

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