Jason Peters Possible No-show for Debate With Democrat Challenger

Jason Peters

Roanoke County Supervisor, Jason Peters, has neglected to respond to the invitation by the Roanoke Tea Party to host a debate between him and his challenger tomorrow, November 2 at 6:00pm at the Ramada Inn Franklin Rd.

Democrat candidate for the Roanoke County Board of Supervisors, Benjamin Shepherd, has accepted the Roanoke Tea Party’s invitation to a proposed debate between him and his opponent, Republican Jason Peters.

Benjamin Shepherd

The event will go on as planned. In the event Peters fails to attend, Shepherd will be allowed to answer the debate questions and address the crowd and a stand in will talk about Peters’ record and the issues he has brought up during this election

Roanoke Tea Party President, Greg Aldridge, is impressed saying, “We find it interesting that after inviting a number of this fall’s candidates for office who people generally believe we have a lot in common with because they are Republicans and even the current Libertarian candidate for Governor, it is a Democrat who has been the only candidate willing to stand up and face questioning by our liberty focused group so far this year.”

In June, the Roanoke Tea Party endorsed Candidate for Roanoke County Board of Supervisors in the Vinton district did not win the primary to be able to run in this upcoming general election on November.

In an effort to compare and educate ourselves and Roanoke County voters further on the two candidates on that ballot, Democrat Benjamin Shepherd and Republican Jason Peters, we are holding a Debate on Thursday, November 2 at the Ramada Inn on Franklin Rd. The Debate will Begin at 6:00PM.

Both Candidates have been officially invited and we are looking forward to the opportunity to hear from them side by side and give them the opportunity to make their case to Roanoke County Voters.

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