Keep Doing What You’re Doing And This Will Continue To Get Worse

Some thoughts on the election…

1. Hey establishment republicans, tell us again how Ed is the only one who can beat Warner…and NorthamĀ  HAHAHA!!!

2. Perhaps this is evidence that people prefer democrats to enact progressive liberal policy rather than hiring republicans to do it…Except in Roanoke County and Virginia Beach where they seem to love having republicans enact democrat policy.

3. Maybe God wanted Bob Marshall to protect his children’s liberty rather than try to make them obey the 10 commandments through force of law?

4. Gun sales are going to skyrocket between now and next July when the new state gun control measures kick in.

5. Hate Obamacare? Well socialized medicine is on the way through the expansion of Medicaid.

6. If you keep educating children in government schools run by socialists, democrats, progressives, liberals and statists, you are going to get and even larger percentage of socialists, democrats, progressives, liberals and statists in the electorate.

7. This map ain’t looking so stupid now, is it?”

Compare the Classic Virginia Secedes Map published a year ago to the election results map last night above.

Think about it.

Join the fight to save restore liberty and stomp out democrats, progressives, liberals and statists at our next meeting.

BE THERE Thursday December 7. 6:30pm Ramada Inn Franklin Rd. …and it’s Pearl Harbor Day…Hmmm

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