March Meeting This Thursday

Big meeting this week! If you want to learn how to fight the battle the left is waging on us, be there.

Current Roanoke City Manager Chris Morrill

Roanoke City Manager Chris Morrill is leaving us. YEA!!
If you want any chance at replacing him with someone that isn’t a leftist global warming progressive central planning authoritarian from some other place that will come in, get paid more than Chris and use us as a resume’ builder while they find their new bigger better job, then we need to talk.

Al Bedrosian has a primary challenger. We will tell you his name and what he is about Don’t be surprised, but when General Aldridge told everyone 3 years ago that the RINO establishment members of the Roanoke County Board of Supervisors were already colluding and planning to take him out, he was right. We’ll show you Thursday night at the meeting.

Been seeing all the news about voters and grass roots activists causing disturbances at congressional town hall meetings all over the country? Remember what they did here in Vinton a week ago? Well there is a seedy underbelly to it and you will get to see it at Thursday night’s meeting.

Roanoke County Board elections are this year. Want to restore liberty here at home? Learn how to reach that goal at this Thursday’s meeting!

6:30pm this Thursday, March 2nd, at the Holiday Inn Tanglewood.

In Liberty,


Roanoke Tea Party

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