Tom Row & Steve Nelson at Tomorrow’s Meeting

firewoodIf you want to win the war, you have to engage in battle. Last week we won a battle in Roanoke County. You can read about the issue HERE. The burning ban based on man-made global warming claims was defeated last Tuesday in the Roanoke County Board of Supervisors by the efforts of many people. We won. It feels good to win. Lets win another. In fact, why don’t we try to win a lot?

At 6:30pm this Thursday, Oct. 1 at the Holiday Inn Tanglewood we are going to talk about that very thing. Getting more people signed up to fight is our focus and only you can make it happen. Be there Thursday and find out how a lot of people doing just a little bit will win victories a few of us doing a lot can’t.

tom roeThere are local and state elections coming up. Our invitation for Tom Roe(pictured right), who is running for Roanoke County Court Clerk has been answered and Tom will be there Thursday night to talk about the Clerk’s race and his campaign.

Our attempts to invite David Suetterlein, who is running for State Senate in the 19th District, to come talk to us have been ignored. If you get the chance, ask him why he cant return multiple phone calls. Also, ask him why he can’t even answer a question that falls under his responsibility as Roanoke County Republican Chairman, Something has happened to David and it coincides with his attempt to win elected office. We will talk about that situation Thursday.

Steve-nelsonSteve Nelson (pictured left), who is running as a conservative independent in the 19th District Senate Race against (r) David Suterline and the democrat Mr Hamler saw the email Monday describing Suterline’s refusal to return any communications from us and has offered to come talk to us at tomorrow’s meeting. We are working that out now.

Many have expressed disappointemnt even anger over the “behind closed doors” and secretive nature of Ralph Smith and David Suetterlein’s behavior in regards to how Suetterlein became the Republican nominee. Nelson is quoted in the Roanoke Free Press as saying “I had no intentions of running before that, not even if they had a primary. But what he [Smith] did was what the Obama administration does every day.”  We will talk about that situation tomorrow and try to publish what information we find later this week.

It has been brought to our attention by one of our members, who was volunteering for the Nancy Dye campaign, that there are more troubling issues with her. Enough to cause the member to quit, pull up his yard signs and return them. We will talk about that situation Thursday night as well as a run down on all the elections this fall.

Finally, we all know by now that Boehner is quitting. We have an inside scoop on that situation that will be shared Thursday night. Don’t Miss it!

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