Northam Gives State Officials Ability to Selectivly Enforce 10 Patron Limit

Its a great time to be friends with state enforcement officials! While the Governor has issued orders limiting “the number of patrons allowed ” in restaurants, fitness centers, and theaters to 10, he has given the enforcers the ability under the law to not enforce it on anyone they choose not to.
Quoting from his order:
“10 or more patrons in a restaurant, fitness center, or theater may result in immediate operation permit suspension”
Notice the word “may” in that order. In legal terms, that means the policy in question can be enforced but is not required. The proper way to word an order if equal application is to be carried out is to say “shall” instead of “may.”
By using “May” the governor has allowed the law to be unequally enforced and even worse. It gives officials the ability to use the law against business owners they don’t like or give a pass to those who they may be friends with or family.
The constitution requires equal protection under the law, which means this order which ultimately does not give equal protection is invalidated.
The more you know…

The actual order from the Governor canĀ  be found at this LINK

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