Response to Roanoke’s “Terror Attack” & Monthly Meeting

Our monthly meeting will be 6:30pm this Thursday, September 1st, at the Holiday Inn Tanglewood. This past week Radical Islamic Terrorism changed from a threat to a reality for the Roanoke Valley when Wasil Farooqui brutally stabbed 2 people at the Pines Apartments. Reports say he was yelling “allahu akbar” as he stabbed the man […]

Roanoke Tea Party Meeting Tomorrow (Thursday, Aug 4)

Our monthly meeting will be 6:30pm this Thursday, August 4th, at the Holiday Inn Tanglewood. Representatives from OathKeepers will talk about the work they do to help our constitutionally established officers “fulfill the oath all military and police take to “defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”   As promised, you’ll see how […]

Roanoke Tea Party July Meeting This Thursday!

Our monthly meeting will be 6:30pm this Thursday at the Holiday Inn Tanglewood. We will discuss the plan for August’s meeting which will be a Trump/Never Trump forum featuring Donald Trump’s SW VA Chairman/Representative Jack Morgan (formerly the chairman of the 9th Congressional District Republican Committee and a suitable advocate for not supporting Trump. Bring […]

Roanoke Tea Party May Meeting Thursday

Tomorrow is our monthly meeting! Holiday Inn Tanglewood – 6:30pm –  Thursday,May 5thThere’s a lot going on. Ted Cruz suspended his campaign, but John Kasich is still in? Everyone elected in Roanoke City elections yesterday said they support Roanoke being a sanctuary city, hundreds of millions in debt is OK, and Roanoke’s new gun store and […]

Roanoke Tea Party Meeting Thursday

Tomorrow is our monthly meeting! We will be taking a vote on some important issues involving the upcoming elections and the Republican Primary in the 6th Congressional district. Both Bob Goodlatte and Harry Griego have been invited to come speak to us. Don’t miss this!! Other issues: Roanoke as a “sanctuary city”, Tax increases in […]

Goodlatte Caught Fundraising on his own Failure

It is rare that a fundraising email can bring me to tears laughing. But Congressman Bob Goodlatte has managed to accomplish that feat with his March 16 fund raising email. In it, Congressman Goodlatte urges his supporters to contribute to his campaign to help him stop the “Obama Administration’s agenda.” Why did this strike me as […]

Don’t Be A Charlie Brown

Federal elections are starting now all over the country and right here in S.W. Virginia. In many places the general election in November is not nearly as important than the primary election in June. So… if you watched the news in the last week, you may have seen a story where the Republican controlled House […]


Tomorrow the Roanoke County Board of Supervisors will start considering a change in the rules that would stop a board member from placing items on the agenda without approval. READ HERE Obviously, McNamara wants to prevent Supervisor Bedrosian from placing anything on the Board’s meeting agenda that he doesn’t like. For example, at this weeks […]

Publius Huldah to Speak at Roanoke Tea Party Thurs. Jan 7th

Constitutional Lawyer and defender of Liberty, Publius Huldah, will speak at our January meeting this Thursday, January 7th, 6:30pm at the Holiday Inn Tanglewood. Publius Huldah is a Lawyer, philosopher & logician and a Strict constructionist of the U.S. Constitution. She is Passionate about The Federalist  Papers (Alexander Hamilton, James Madison & John Jay), restoring constitutional […]

Eric Orange Wins! Roanoke Tea Party Celebrates Thursday.

The Roanoke Tea Party scores a big win in the Roanoke County Sheriff’s race! Our group was proud to lend a hand on the ground and with fundraising for Sheriff-Elect Orange and it payed off. Eric won by 1168 votes. For 5 years we have wanted to win this office and we could not be more pleased […]

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