Response to Roanoke’s “Terror Attack” & Monthly Meeting

Our monthly meeting will be 6:30pm this Thursday, September 1st, at the Holiday Inn Tanglewood.

wasil farooqui

Wasil Rafat Farooqui

This past week Radical Islamic Terrorism changed from a threat to a reality for the Roanoke Valley when Wasil Farooqui brutally stabbed 2 people at the Pines Apartments. Reports say he was yelling “allahu akbar” as he stabbed the man and woman.

Many have been demanding a political solution to the threat of increasing Islamic violence and we will discuss that Thursday night. As all tea party people should know, expecting politicians to do their jobs is a pipe dream. There is more of this coming and the best thing you can do is be prepared to protect yourself and your family. 

firearm instructor wes and his dogsTo help us with that preparation, we will have Wes Boozer from Firepower Tactical give a presentation about security and personal defense issues. We encourage everyone to attend this meeting. Wes is an award winning 17 year Atlanta law enforcement veteran with training and certifications in weapons, tactics, gang resistance and more. You can learn more about Wes and his local business HERE. He has been supporting our efforts and is prepared to help our members learn how to survive an attacker like Farooqui. DON’T BE A VICTIM!

In addition to this latest development, there is a lot going on. We are working on a ton of local issues, state elections are right around the corner, and our PAC, the “Guardians of Liberty”, have begun the work we discussed at the last meeting.

Got issues, problems, comments or anything for the group? Bring them Thursday.

Want the Constitution enforced?

Come to the meeting.

Want to fight the wasting of millions of taxpayer dollars and the expansion of local government power and debt?

Come to the meeting.

Want to have a say in local boards and councils?

Come to the meeting!

Want to help stop Islamic Terrorism?

Come to the meeting!

6:30pm this Thursday, September 1st, at the Holiday Inn Tanglewood.

In Liberty, 


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