RIP General Aldridge: Our Tea Party President Will Be Missed By Many

It is with great sadness that we report Greg Aldridge was killed early Saturday morning October 10.

His final actions were the posting of this article: “Herd immunity could have saved more lives than lockdown, study suggests”
And this Meme: “Behold, the lesser of two evils” on facebook.

It is not believed that either of these two actions were the cause of the murder. It is more likely that it was the result of General Aldridge’s continual devotion to truth and liberty putting him at odds with society in general and especially at odds with controlling authorities both in and out of government. Unfortunately, we have no way of finding out what specifically was the reason for this atrocity.

General Aldridge “manning” the Democrat booth at Old Salem Days 2011 as he asks passersby, “Can I interest you in a career politician?”

In his last days, General Aldridge was trying to alert people to the dangers around us. He was especially focused on getting people to understand what was in our future, how dangerous it is, what might be done about it, and how to prepare for the best chance to survive it. For years, he was devoted to exposing the war being waged against free citizens and the Republic.

The real conflict he experienced however, was when trying to explain how the Republican Party and its voters were not actually fighting the war, but instead helping to facilitate the objectives of the enemy by pretending there isn’t a war and/or trying to “Neville Chamberlin” a peaceful solution by continuing to compromise with the enemy and give more and more ground to appease the enemy. He noted that these compromises were always one way. The enemy continues to gain ground because the compromises they make are always about them gaining a little less ground than they wanted and our side is giving up a little less ground than it could have. General Aldridge had consistently shown these compromises never gain ground for our side.

General Aldridge’s unorthodox method of getting Democrats to sign ballot petitions for E.W. Jackson when he ran for US Senate in 2012

General Aldridge’s mission to fight the forces of political evil with truth, even when it exposed malfeasance by the favored party and favored politicians of the people around him, had many dire consequences over the years. It negatively impacted him, his family, and sometimes his friends financially, spiritually, emotionally, and as of the early morning hours of this past Saturday the ultimate price was paid for his devotion to principle when facebook controllers eliminated the Greg Aldridge page on their social media. This facebook murder was without legitimate justification.

The facebook murder was done instantly, without notice, without explanation or justification, without recourse, and without any preliminary warning or temporary punishment as so many who are actually violent, abusive, mean, and legitimately in violation of the “facebook community standards” got to enjoy for their offenses before finally being removed from facebook. Many of those people are still alive on facebook today despite being far worse than General Aldridge ever could be.

In the last 24 hours, people who have noticed Greg Aldridge is no longer visible to them on facebook have wrongly concluded that he has blocked them. Please understand, that is not the case. This situation is out of his control. Unfortunately, facebook was the only way General Aldridge had to communicate with many people. He can be reached at President@RoanokeTeaParty and invites everyone he lost connection to on facebook to email him here with alternate contact info.

More about this situation and the mass effort to shut down political thought, speech, and activism that does not conform to the established norms and narratives allowed us by our governmental masters and their cronies will follow in the coming days.

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