Roanoke County Government Uses Pipeline Controversy as Political Propaganda.

General Aldridge was interviewed on WSLS about the latest MVP pipeline issue being talked about this week.
What they left out of his interview was his criticism of Roanoke County government from elected officials on the Board to the bureaucrats on the payroll.

Aldridge said “What we have here is another political lie of epic proportion. Jason Peters, Joe McNamara, Phil North, Martha Hooker, and George Assaid have played County residents. The board has pretended to be on the side of local property owners while they have done nothing that they could have done that would actually stop the eminent domain abuse. While lying to our faces about “doing all they can” they actually let the pipeline people have their way with us and used the deadly force of their police department to enforce the illegitimate process that is putting this pipeline through our land and our homes giving the pro pipeline people what they want. Another example of voters choosing the candidates last November that would screw them at every turn while putting on a façade of ‘fighting for us’. You get the corruption you vote for every time”

At issue now is Roanoke County wanting to be paid back for the $92,000 they spent using county police to point guns at land owners and protesters to protect the illegitimate activity of the pipeline company. County Attorney, Ruth Ellen Kuhnel, is quoted as saying “It shouldn’t be fair for our average citizen who’s just paying their real estate tax bill to shoulder that burden if MVP, who stands to profit from this, could reimburse us for those costs,”

Respectfully Ms Kuhnel, pretending to be on the side of average citizens with this political posturing over the cost is offensive. You should be ashamed of yourself. And as general Aldridge says in the interview, “They’re complaining now about the cost of dealing with those operations but they shouldn’t have been up there protecting the pipeline in the first place. They should have been protecting the landowners,”

Ms Kuhnel goes on to say, “We’re Roanoke County. You’re coming on our turf and we’ve tried to be as collaborative as possible”

She alludes to the County’s collusion right there while trying to play us with her tough “our turf” talk.

If she and the rest of her ilk in county government really were on our side, they could prove it easily. Aldridge concludes the interview with this, “I think instead of asking for reimbursement they need to be kicking the pipeline people out of our county. It’s not too late to stop the process, protect property rights and do this properly,”

Sadly, all we will get are their lies about how its out of their hands and they are doing all they can.

You can watch the interview HERE



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