Roanoke Tea Party Calls for Bob Goodlatte and Ben Cline to Denounce Jennifer Brown and the Vulgar Abusive Behavior

Jennifer Brown

Jennifer Brown’s Campaign attacked our tea party president calling him an “asshole”, threatening him, and saying “go f*ck yourself”.
As this article indicates, we were promised responsible leadership and “harmony and civil discourse” if Chairman Scott Sayer were replaced by Jennifer Brown and as the Bull Elephant article indicates “We have gotten nothing but drama and discord.  We have seen our friends insulted and degraded.  We have seen Alinsky like tactics by those closest to Jennifer Brown.  We have seen fellow Republicans forced to endure racial, homophobic, and sexist slurs from Jennifer’s fiancée Roger Jarrell.  Mr. Jarrell has called anyone who supported Sayre and Dunbar “homos”. Mr. Jarrell has called a well known and respected woman who he disagrees with a “hag” and “bi00h” on social media (Shenandoah County GOP Women’s Chair Dianne Wyss).  Mr. Jarrell has made ethnic slurs towards Mr. John Massoud, the Vice Chair of the 6th District Congressional Committee – stating that with his last name, Mr. Massoud would be better off in Baghdad than in the 6th Congressional District.  Mr. Jarrell has also stated that Freddy Burgos would not be welcome in the Shenandoah Valley because of his last name.  “

While a majority were fooled by Jennifer and her supporters, the Roanoke Tea Party was not.

She campaigned with such vile  treachery that all one needed to do to know it was a lie was read the emails coming from her. It should have been apparent to most anyone.
Those emails attacking the enemies of her and her establishment backers were received by Roanoke Tea Party President Greg Aldridge.

After a month of them, Aldridge replied and asked to be removed…twice. He was promised he would be removed. But, the emails still came. It is true that there was a link included in the emails to “unsubscribe”, but its link would not function in the emails so replying and asking to be removed was the only option.

After 2 failed attempts to be removed, Aldridge asked a third time and that time included an ultimatum “take me off your mailing list or I am going to make you wish you never knew me”. You can see that message HERE

Roger Jarrell

The responses from Jennifer came from her campaign manger/boyfriend/ Roger Jarrell, who was a  Republican Chairman himself.
They included “Listen asshole. You will be taken off the list”  (to this day Aldridge is still receiving the emails), “I promise you that you will not only regret knowing my name but also the day you were born.” , and ended  with “Go fuck yourself”.

Aldridge explained that his initial ultimatum was not a threat of violence or illegal activity. “Many people wish they never knew me. It isn’t illegal. I don’t have to break the law for you to wish you never knew me.”

Keep in mind that Delegate Ben Cline himself, who is now running to replace Bob Goodlatte in Congress, endorses the foul mouthed Roger Jerrell as reported in this article on Bearing Drift “Del. Cline endorses Roger Jarrell for Lexington-Rockbridge-Buena Vista GOP chair”

The Roanoke Tea Party is officially calling for Congressman Bob Goodlatte and Delegate Cline to denounce Jennifer Brown, Roger Jarrell, and withdraw all support for them and their vile behavior. Anything short of that is a black mark on Delegate Cline and demonstrates he is not fit to be the next 6th district Congressman nor remain as a delegate in the Virginia General Assembly.

Will Goodlatte and Cline do the right thing or are they also politically invested in Brown’s treachery and Jarrell’s profanity and abuse of voters?

Here are the email exchanges between Aldridge and Jarrell on the official email of Jennifer Brown’s campaign


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